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2007-08-21, 03:11
That should read a PLAY in 3 acts, damn Return button while trying to hit shift.

The Stage: Assault on Mestia, Devil's Brigade server, Militia Team.

The Players: Myself and an awesome crew including _(DL) cowboy2010, [DRS]Big_Brand, and some gentlemen with (x_x) tags (devilsronin, bishop3d, and I think mattjitsu as SL). Appologies if I got any names wrong or left anyone out - I'm going by memory and the screen shot I took at the end of the round (how we didn't get best squad, I'll never know).

Act 1:

The round begins. Our squad decides in advance to defend West Tower. The majority of the squad spawns there, preparing to set up defenses. SL spawns at main to get the officer kit. Little did we know, the entire team also decided to defend West Tower. Myself and one lone RBG (Random Blue Guy) spawn at East Tower after waiting to see where the rest of the team spawned. I choose Sapper because I know I wont be able to take on half the Brits by myself. I toss down C4 in the middle of the flag area, between all 3 bunkers and retreat north 150 meters. The RBG stands his ground and is soon spotting hundreds (ok, maybe 6) of incoming British infantry approaching from the south. He is soon on the ground calling for the medic. I wait.

In the mean time, our squad has realized that no one is defending East Tower and they are making their way to my position as quickly as possible. The East Tower flag goes white. I blow the C4, scoring 2 or 3 kills. I close with my sub-machine gun ready and hose another Brit in the back. I am reloading when another flanks me and I do down.

My squad has now made it to the SL's position northeast of East Tower. I spawn there, and we place a rally. Dispersing, we move to recapture east tower, expecting heavy resistance. Everyone who has them lobs frags into the rubble of the two destroyed bunkers, scoring a few more kills. We advance on the flag, meeting no more enemies, and recapture the flag. The British tickets are bleeding heavily.

We are still the only squad at East Tower. The entire Militia team is surrounding West Tower in defense. The SL stays back, 120 meters to the side of East Tower opposite our Rally to misdirect their search for our spawn. We set up to defend. I am still sapper, so I plant a C4 charge in the basement of the main pillbox and wait on the 2nd floor. 2 other squad members take up position on the 3rd floor, covering the windows and ladders with the Mosin and the support machinegun.

Rounds begin pinging off the cement around us, but no one is exposing their heads to British fire. The other members of the squad posted outside report enemy infantry moving from the south, and they are soon on us. Our sentries outside are taken down after inflicting a few casualties. Covering the bottom ladder with my tiny Sapper SMG, I take out a Brit who pokes his head up the ladder. Another below me, realizing the upper floors are occupied, jumps and sets a SLAM near the top of the ladder. I headshot him on the second jump, then bail out to the third floor to wait out the blast. The SLAM explodes, and I expect them to come rushing back into the basement of the pillbox. I blow my C4 charge, killing 2 more enemy infantry.

I am nearly out of ammo for my small SMG, and only one of my squad mates has survived upstairs. There are enemies lingering outside, firing rounds in through the windows. The bullets send concrete chips flying everywhere and make my ears ring, but they cannot hit me directly. I take out another enemy trying to climb the ladder, and am now out of ammunition. I switch to my knife and prepare to die defending my bunker. By this time, my squad mates have regrouped to assist the two friendlies still trapped in the upper floors of the pillbox. They sweep in and clear the remaining Brits out. I slip down the ladder and grab the first enemy kit I find - the British marksman kit. Knowing that it functions as a light MG in a pinch, I flip it to full auto, climb the ladder, and watch the hatch to the basement. A third friendly climbs to the 3rd floor.

We are soon assaulted again. Our outside sentries are taken down again. This time the enemy is a little smarter. Grenades fly in through the windows of the second floor of the pillbox, and I am mortally wounded. Our squad member with the support MG is still on the 3rd floor, holding out.

Act 2:

I respawn as Militant on the SL to the northwest and advance on the East Tower flag. As I near it, the flag turns white, even though our machine gunner is still hidden in the top of the pillbox. Another squad member advances from the east, and is quickly gunned down. Using this as a distraction, I toss two frags into the rubble and sprint into the fray. The grenades do their work, and I hear groans and cries for a medic. I mow down two British infantry stunned by the grenade blast and facing the wrong direction, effectively clearing the flag of enemies. I climb to the top of the pillbox to give my field dressing to the machinegunner who is bleeding. I toss down my ammo bag to resupply him, and get a frag back in the process.

I take up position on the second floor again, waiting for the counter attack. Our squad quickly moves in and recaptures the point, but we do not have to wait long for more action. We are still the only squad defending East Tower.

The British seem to have forgotten the lesson of the pillbox already. One attempts to climb the bottom ladder and I splatter his brains all over the west wall. I lob a grenade down to the bottom floor, but the enemies clear out in time to survive it. A British SpecOps leaps up in my peripheral vision and slips a SLAM in the north window of the 2nd story. "Idiot," I think, and retreat to the 3rd floor with the machinegunner. We wait out of SLAM and survive unscathed. An enemy SpecOps climbs the bottom ladder and is mowed down by our machinegun on the top floor. I slip down the ladder and grab his kit. I cover the ladder again with my 1337 red-dot sight, and hose down two infantry that try to come up. Outside, I hear a Brit preparing to toss a grenade, and I retreat again to the 3rd floor as it bounces in one of the side windows. It explodes and we are still unharmed.

The light MG takes down one more infantry foolish enough to enter the 2nd floor, thinking I had been killed. Suddenly (and finally) all friendly troops are wiped off East Tower as a light AT rocket sails through the south window of the 3rd floor, killing myself and the support gunner. The ticket count is currently something like 431-57 with the British clearly losing.

Act 3:

We are STILL the only squad at East Tower. The reason that our squad was so successful at defending East Tower is that we always posted sentries outside the bunker to spot incoming enemies, either directly or by being taken down. We would always know when they were coming. This too appears to be a lesson the other team did not learn. We regrouped our squad at our Rally Point to the northeast, and prepared to assault. An enemy APC could be heard moving up from the south. We encountered no resistance approaching East Tower. The flag goes white, and for the briefest period, the British manage to stop their ticket bleed as they have also secured West Tower - the one being guarded by the entire rest of our team.

As I mentioned above, the British failed to learn from us but tried poorly to copy our tactic of defending the pillbox - all of them were inside the bottom and 2nd floor, with no one watching the windows or approaches the Militia team might use. They were once again easy prey to the grenades lobbed into the 1st and 2nd stories by our entire squad. Having cleared them out, we quickly retook the flag and began bleeding the British tickets dry - the score was now around 400-30.

A friendly APC rolls up to the north side of East Tower, the 2nd RBG (random blue guy) reinforcements we have seen all round. He quickly abandons his APC when he sees us spot the incoming enemy Warrior. Most of our squad bugs out to the north at its approach. One or two stay behind to launch their RPGs in its direction, but are quickly taken down by its HEAT rounds. The IFV pummels East Tower for a solid 2 minutes. Our squad is dispersed in the treeline to the northeast of the flag, not in harm's way of the APC to the south and down the hill. Enemy infantry begin streaming in to the flag. We take down over 8 of them with directed fire and frag grenades. One or two make it to the East Tower flag as the round ends, the Militia victorious in staving off the British's advance.

Just another day at the office in the Pillbox of Doom.

2007-08-21, 05:12
Epic :D

2007-08-21, 10:29
cool...yeah the bunker of doom to be sure....i should have made it double the size...hehe