View Full Version : 8 ammocrates due to one squad

2007-08-18, 15:28
Well, yesterday evening me and som other from =SofS= decided to play som insurgency. So we hooked up with a server and got straight into the middle of the round. Two from =SofS= on insurgents (Hurfas and Perra10) and me (Agem) and Plankton wen't Brits. For the Brits it was totally chaos. On the airfield people where fighting over the heli and APCs, the commander had buillt everyone in at Vehicle Checkpoint (atleast noone could make it out of there). We had one squad down in A6 and B6 shooting and killing civilians... Anyway, me and Plankton managed to grab a jeep up at airfield, and drew of with another guy as gunner. We drove down onto the highway through the city, there the gunner decided to get out and just bailed. Smart... Me and Plankton began searching for ammocrates and found one, just to realise that Hurfas was guarding it from a rooftop. And the round ended. It took us 20 minutes to avoid bullets from friendlys and get a jeep and go to the city to get killed...

The next round the teams didn't switch. I immediatly created a group named "Voip" (new huh?) and Hurfas and Perra managed to get over to the Brits. Two other guys joined forces with us and we all hade mikes. First thing we did was to drive of into the desert to put up a rallypoint. We found a nice place up at the Oiltanker thats messed up (?). As we were waiting for one more fella we were assaulted by hostiles. I was killed and screamed for a medic while Hurfas and Plankton drew of the first wave.
I quikly got revived after that and we prepared for another assault. They soon came at us again and we drove them of. Perra spawned on me and we put up the rally. Quik on our feet we ran across to one possible place for ammocrates. We found two of them and felt that the tidewave was turning. Along with the ammocrates we got a new commander with a mike. He did his best with the other squads who were just nuts running around like crazy frogs. Moving onwards towards the tall building we put up a new rallypoint, fought of some new enemies and found yet another ammocrate. It went down pretty quickly. We moved up towards the mosque, which by this time had intelligence spots all around it. We went up on the connecting buildings east of the mosque to put up a new rally point.
We also found a new ammocrate there. Four of them down all by us! Morale was rising to high levels and we decided to put up a fullscale assault on the Insurgent-crowded mosque. They outnumbered us about 2 to one. The rallypoint was set up, everybody got patched up and reloded with new ammo. We put up a quick plan of attack, where my role was giving coverfire and searching the south corners. The assault commensed and we charged in with speed, killing five hostiles on the roofs and in one building. With the eastern part secured for a moment we pushed on towards the mosque, found and blew one ammocrate. I moved up towards the southest entrance and covered it from enemies there. The others blew our sixth ammocrate. We quickly moved out, decided that staying any longer would result in the death of the squad. We also had new intellgience on a ammocrate to the far east. We crossed the river and instantly got gunned down.
We respawned and Hurfas somehow held them down. Me pushed ahead and had furious battles with the Insurgents along the way. Foudn the ammocrate and blew it out. The commander arranged the heli to pick us up and get us up to VCP to help the defence. We all got in and flew away. About to land the pilot got kicked from the server, sending us crashing to the ground. Spawning again we secured VCP got a car and drove of to tha Palace (?). We had intelligence of an enemy ammocrate there. We ran into the compund and didn├Ąt see any threat. Search and destroy was the orders. And we did it, ending the round.

All along the way we had some serious fun, teamwork and firefights. We by ourselves blew up 8 ammocrates, much due to our communication and teamwork. And we shall not forget our commander who was a really nice guy, helping us as much as he could. And last but not forgotten, all the confused squads who didn't do anything, giving us time to blow so many ammocrates as we did.

I'm sorry to have to say that even though I've tried to I can't recall the names of the other two squaddies.

Ova' n' out.