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Main Battle Tank
Tanks are a valuable part of your team if you use them the right way.
They are the heavy weaponry on the Project Reality battlefield, but as with everything else, they have their limitations. In this battlefield, they’re a lot more vulnerable to anti-tank munitions than in your basic Battlefield 2 environment. You need your infantry and they need you. Cover them from enemy armor and they’ll cover you from enemy anti-tank soldiers.
Staying Alive: This is of the utmost importance as you and your MBT are no good to your team dead.
·Teamwork, as with every other aspect of Project Reality, is paramount. Cover your teammates and they will cover you. In urban environment, don’t stray away from your infantry, this is the fastest way to be killed. APCs will also be valuable to you, their main weapon is very effective for destroying infantry and their TOW missiles, in conjunction with your main weapon, will make short work of any other vehicle on the battlefield.
·Watch your back! The rear end of an MBT is where you are at most risk. A direct hit to the rear from another tank, TOW missile or infantry anti-tank weapon will probably destroy your tank.
·Use cover wherever you can. Dead vehicles, trees, ridges and a fair amount of vegetation can help you here. When you find yourself in a desert, make sure you have two things: a few teammates, and if there’s planes around, a buddy in mobile AA. Tanks can be sitting ducks for determined flyboys. Popping smokes helps too but remember this could attract even more attention to your area.
Killing the Enemy: Aside from supporting your team in pushes and helping in defense, this will be your objective. Use all the advantages you can.
·First step is using your surroundings to your advantage, don’t make yourself a target! Use the same land features that are cited above for staying alive to give your enemy second thoughts about advancing towards you.
·If at all possible, get behind your enemy, if not take shots and stay hidden.
·Work in groups, the more big guns you have with you, the faster your enemy is destroyed, again, teamwork is key!
·Don’t waste shells on infantry unless you really need to flush them out. The shells take longer to reload on the realistic battlefield.
Ammunition: A few of these will be familiar, a few won’t, and knowing when to use the right shells will help you out. Your main weapon now fires much further, much faster, without as much drop as you saw in your days of basic Battlefield 2.
·Sabot: These are your tank killing rounds, use these on MBTs and remember: the back of a tank is your best bet for scoring a critical hit. Sabot rounds occupy the first main weapon slot.
·HEAT: High Explosive Anti-Tank rounds are actually better for the softer vehicles you’ll find on the battlefield, APCs and transport vehicles are where you should be sending HEAT rounds. HEAT rounds occupy the second main weapon slot.
·Coaxial Machinegun: This should be familiar to you, it works the same but has much more power, this will make short work of infantry. However you do not have an unlimited supply of ammunition, so watch your heads up display for your ammo status. This will reload when empty.
·Smoke: One of your friends when you’re in a tight spot, deploy this when you need cover, again remember this may attract more attention towards you. Smoke can now only be used when you select it as your primary weapon; it occupies the third main weapon slot.
Heads up Display and Zooming: New features of Project Reality, these will help you stay alive on the battlefield.
·The HUD: Look here for your ammo supply and what weapon you have selected. It will also tell you how far away your target is.
·Zooming: Use this feature to bring destruction on your foes from long range. This feature occupies whatever your key for popping smoke would usually be; this is extremely useful in wide-open areas.


Main changes from vanilla BF2:
Helicopters have been made more vulnerable to all sorts of projectile fire, their loadouts were changed to match their real life counterparts. And of course there is the introduction of our very first own model, the MH-6 Littlebird.

PRMM tactics for helicopters in general:
• You and your helicopter have been made more vulnerable to enemy (and friendly for that matter) fire. There is no more surviving 3 AA missiles. This calls for a change of tactics. The key is not to linger. Hover around too long and you’re a sitting duck.
• Usually it is a good idea not to fly too high up, since you will be in plain vision from practically anywhere, and you won’t have a chance to break a radar lock by moving behind a building. Be aware though that, especially on city maps, going too low also brings disadvantages. You will lose the overview of the battle and your birds-eye view at targets, making it harder to effectively eliminate the opposition. Find an altitude which provides a good compromise between the advantages and disadvantages. Which altitude this is depends on the map and the situation, but usually it is around *** (NOTE: NEEDS TO BE CHECKED INGAME, CANT REMEMBER THE NUMBERS ) feet.
• Something else to keep in mind is the removal of the damage indicator. This leaves you without any means of checking your damage untill the warning sound goes, making it a good idea to return to base ASAP after being hit (especially when you’re up against AA missiles).
• Beware: Only the Special Forces class has a parachute in the current build of PRMM. This means two things. First, if you’re planning to jump out of the helicopter over an enem base be sure to pick this kit. Second, if you are the pilot of the Blackhawk or the Littlebird remember that not all, if any, of your passengers will have a parachute. You will have to land the helicopter to allow everyone to jump out. Again, the increased damage is important. Do not land in the middle of a well populated enemy base. It will get both you and your passengers killed.
• Then, there is the matter of changed payloads. All helicopters now carry their realistic loadouts. Especially the pilot of the USMC attack chopper will have to spend his ammo wisely. If possible, go for the assisting role. Let your gunner take out the ground targets with his gun and guided missiles, while you provide a steady fire platform. So no twisting and turning, but keep it still. Reserve your own missiles for air targets. Though this tactic will work, be sure not to linger around too long as stated before, as you will undoubtably start drawing some unwanted attention.


The Littlebird is the first vehicle by the PR mod team that made it into the game. That is why we feel it deserves its own chapter.

The MH-6 can give the US an advantage, since it is the only vehicle in PRMM that can carry a full squad. (None of the original Battlefield 2 vehicles have that capability.)
However, it is also one of the most vulnerable air vehicles. It can easily be brought down by a well aimed rocket or tank shell. During testing this vulnerability proved too great, and to counter that a change was made so that anti-air missiles no longer lock on the Littlebird.

• The MH-6 Littlebird is the smallest air vehicle available in PRMM 0.2, and can therefore land in places other helicopters can’t get to. (On rooftops, in streets etc. etc.) With a bit of luck you can even land it on other vehicles, but that’s not a good combat tactic. As a pilot you must keep this ability to land in the middle of things in mind, to drop off your load as close to the target area as possible.
• Also, remember the Littlebird’s vulnerebility. Fly low if you can. If you do it will be harder to accurately aim missiles at you. (Imagine a plane going, say, 400 km/h flying at an altitude of 1000 metres. The plane will slowly pass through your field of vision.
Now imagine the same plane at the same speed flying just 10 metres above you. It appears to go much faster, right?)
A lower altitude also gives you more cover, which is very useful since everyone on board the Littlebird (especially those sitting outside) are very vulnereble to all hand-held weapons, especially machineguns and sniper rifles.
• The Littlebird is a great vehicle, but it’s no use sitting in the middle of nowhere. Unless you are transporting your entire own squad to assault a location in force, it may be a good idea to fly back and forth between bases, picking up and dropping off people all the time. Then you will really be helping your team!

Apcs are squad transport vehicles and are a great asset to your team if used correctly (will get you anywhere you want with the safety of an armor shell).They are faster but less armored than tanks yet still can pack a punch when it comes to battle. Still it is not a very good decision to go head on with a tank so I suggest not to try it. So pop a smoke and hightail it out of there. Apcs are not as wide as tanks so you can fit in tighter areas (alleys, drive between trees, etc.)
They can also drive in deep water where tanks cannot so use this to your advantage. You are not forced to take the heavily guarded bridges and shallow water passes.
How not to get killed
Always be looking around to spot enemy tanks. The zoom helps a lot in doing this as you can spot enemies before they are on top of you.
Trees can kill your Apc (hit one yesterday and my Apc caught fire).
Use your smokes when in the presence of an enemy tank. Apcs will rarely win in a head on battle with a tank.
The people in the back of your APC are equipped with MG’s so they can take care of those pesky Spec Ops.
How to kill
Tows are wire guided missiles and are extremely effective with the zoom. Don’t waste them on FAV’s. FAV’s will only survive seconds of HE fire.
Two types of ammunition
1. M919 APFSDS-T Use this round for soldiers
2. M792 HEI-T This round is a high explosive round. Use it against tanks, FAV’s, and other Apcs.
Apcs used in combination with a tank form an effective killing machine.


Here you will learn how to adjust your BF2 play sytle to survive in Project Reality. In Project Reality, infantry weapons simulate “real life” accuracy and power. This model is significantly different from that found in BF2 and the player’s tactics must therefore be adjusted accordingly.

Key Points
1. Take your time
2. Stick with your squad
3. Maintain situational awareness


 Take your time! Unless you absolutley HAVE to immediately move, remain in position and think about where you want to go. Plan the route that will provide you with the most cover.
 What were you taught as a child about crossing the road? Does “look to the left, look to the right then look to the left again” sound familiar? The same goes in Project Reality. Thouroughly obersve your surroundings before you leave cover.
 Always sprint across open areas. Move as quickly as possible from cover to cover.
 If possible, also use smoke to cross open areas.
 Be aware of what’s going on around you. Keep track of friendlies and also the direction of enemy fire. An area where several of your team mates have just been killed is probably not the smartest place to go running into!
 Move with your squad. Twelve eyes are better than two! A full squad is obviously far better equiped to deal with threats and it also provides other benefits. In Project Reality, you will “bleed” when wounded. This means that if you don’t find a medic then you will eventually “bleed out” and die. Staying with your squad gives you rapid access to health and ammunition.
 Don’t bunch up in a squad! Six soldiers standing within two metres of one another can be killed by a single grenade. They can also make an enemy support soldier very happy. A bunched up squad that fails to notice a machine gun on their flank will become a dead squad in a matter of seconds.


 There are no crosshairs in Project Reality. To shoot accurately you will have to aim down the sights.
 To acheive the best possible accuracy remain stationary and fire single rounds from the prone position. Moving and shooting will drastically effect your accuracy.
 When firing in fully automatic mode, fire in short controlled bursts to improve accuracy.
 Move to cover before you start firing unless you absolutely must fire. Expose the smallest amount of your person as possible when engaging the enemy.
 Use grenades to flush out hard points and enemies in cover. If you are in range, don’t wait! Get those nades in ASAP and give the enemy the choice of dying in the explosion or dying from gunfire when they leave cover.

As far as how this guide will be incorporated and implimented in the website remains to be seen. The first step is completion of the material.

**Also, lets try and focus more on FACTUAL information rather than opinionated tactics. It's the player's decision which tactic to use. All we want to do is help new players that are coming over from BF2 better understand the changes from BF2 to Project Reality. So that way they understand the shift in gameplay. Short, sweet and to the point, we're not writing a book. The easier it is for new players to read and understand the quicker they can get out onto the battlefield.**

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