View Full Version : remind on good times

2007-08-17, 05:33
i was new to pr, it was on mao valley.
thereve been 4 squads. no commander. the names of the squads have been: attack 1/ attack 2 / defence 1 / defence 2.
all Sls communicated via teamchat and coordinated well.

i felt like the enemy team was doing the same, so the battle was fought around 2 flags the whole round. i cant remember players or the server, version was .3, it was the AAS1 mode.

there many really good improvements since this version, but today i always see guys running from flag to flag without defending. how can i have back these serious game as it brought that much fun?

2007-08-17, 09:44
yeahhh tobak nowadays nobody wants to defend...lately I only made "defence" squads...you know that someone have to made the dirty job of defending....

2007-08-17, 10:41
i saw alot of tjis in the begining of .5 and then after a while the SL got more competant and realized that offens IS not you best defence! so lets hope people wise up fast.

2007-08-17, 10:49
2 months and they are still all dumb...

Gameplay has gone down, everyone is running and gunning, OGT with full auto L85 and QBZ feels like Rambo Arena...

2007-08-17, 15:20
Yep I have the feeling that too many scoped assault rifles have damaged the gameplay a little...but it's still fun to play on TB. Yet too many newbies who don't care about reading manuals and smacktards have joined with 0.6