View Full Version : Just had the best round ever. (Screenshot)

2007-08-15, 11:09
I finally got my X-Fi XtremeGamer card, and a working mic, it totally turned my game around. Being able to communicate was awesome. I could hear people sneaking up on me, shots sounded real, I could hear things in the distance, from where sound was coming from....

This was my first time being squad leader, and my squad just awesome. This was on the Hills of Something map, where US has one flag and China has a bunch. We actually took every flag except the fort flags. Our commander was awesome, shooting artillery like crazy.


The guy with 1200 points was a sniper, damn good. Went 55-0.
It's 4 am and I started at like 12. Wish every round was like this.

Edit: I probably should have posted this in the War tales forum, sorry.

2007-08-15, 11:22
Its 2 pm here o_O

Congrats on Best Squad, though :)

2007-08-15, 16:28
X-fi cards completely change the game. Once i turned all my settings to ultra in the audio section, I can sweep for rally points like no other. I can pinpoint the direction of enemy snipers and listen for troop movements. When I turn up my headphones enough, it sounds like a real gunshot. X-fi + PR = Great

2007-08-15, 17:09
So many people under estimate the components they need in a pc for enjoyable gaming. An x-fi card is one of those things as crucial as your cpu or ram!

2007-08-15, 17:11
At least EAX5... and 5.1.

2007-08-15, 17:56
I can definitely attest to this. Since I switched the the X-Fi Fatality the game is leaps and bounds better over my previous card. One of the most enjoyable gaming investments I've ever made.

2007-08-15, 18:03
Congrats on the round.