View Full Version : Taking out a tank -- with PISTOL!

Expendable Grunt
2007-08-12, 08:42
Kashan. My unit and I where on a hill above North Village and a T-90 rolls up our ridge. I had already discharged one round into another tank, and used my last round on this one, scoring a hit for some damage. Well it stops and starts moving the turret, revealing that it is a one man tank. I hid behind it, on the rear facing of the tank. MG fires a bit and then the crewman hops out with wrench to fix it.


Tank no longer in action, and wasn't going to respawn, taking it out for a long time.

2007-08-12, 08:46
Nice. It's quite easy to force paranoia upon enemy tank crew men. If you're an Engineer just run up to the tank and make sure he notices you. He'll soon think you're about to plant C4/Mine and jump out to defend. Ready your shot gun and blow him to hell :D

2007-08-12, 09:45
I just go backwards at full speed, then fill them up with lead.

2007-08-12, 10:27
I just go backwards at full speed, then fill them up with lead.

You mean you go backwards at full speed, over a tank mine....

I just use smoke.

2007-08-12, 10:30
It is possible to "kill" any unarmored vehicle with a pistol. In the days of vanilla I would shoot at every passing aircraft just in case it were to crash into a hillside. I would also kill steal vehicles which were on fire by shooting them a few times and letting them blow up on their own accord. Since I was the last party to do damage I got rewarded with the kill. It would be hilarious as when they looked at how they died they would see that a pistol took out their aircraft.

2007-08-12, 10:36
Yeah, thats why I freak out, when the damn Driver/Gunner hops out to repair the tank with his wrench in the middle of the map...

2007-08-12, 11:03
Going forwards works well too, actually. Just means that the tank needs a clean-up later.

2007-08-12, 17:52
Should be a very good lesson, to NOT hop outside of your vehicle. On Qwai River, I managed to kill the crew of an APC and a tank at fishing village because they hopped out or the tanker got in the MG position. Two pops from an M14 and you've got an APC and a Tank just sitting around.