View Full Version : My 1st PR.6 rambo moment

2007-08-06, 09:14
I was PLA on that map with the big temple, we had been pushed back to the temple and had to defend it against constant british attack for 45 minutes (time until the round ended) me and my squad mates heard a big explosion and saw the little marker that said the door (broken bridge marker) had been blown. Me being a engineer at the time the SL asked me to fix the door and lock myself inside so i fixed the door and waited in there for like 15 min with nothing happening and going bored outta my mind while just sitting there, when suddenly the door blew up and 2 squads of brits attacked luckily i was standing in the back behind the desk/boxes. when the 1st few brits enterd i just used the classic "spray and pray" tactic wich worked for once killing the 1st 3, the last few tryed to enter on foot but i some how took them out as well. After i thought i killed all of them i went up to acess the damage and fix the door, when a grenade landed at my feet (it felt like slow motion lol) the grenade went off and of course it was a team mates grenade....... any ways my team managed to destroy all the british attempts to take our base up until the last 58 seconds of the round when the brits managed to nuetralize our main base, in the end we won due to the fact we inflicted more casualties (i think it was 160 to 90 or so)

Expendable Grunt
2007-08-06, 09:57
It's called 7Gates.

My first Rambo moment was on Ghost Train. The enemy had an APC on the very eastern edge of the map, below temple. I heard it firing but as typical the pubbies didn't listen. I used my auto shotty to kill my way to it, set C4 and the detonated it, unfortunately a little too soon.