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2004-08-26, 23:20
http://reality.dc-nc.com/newsimgs/PR-ATV200.jpg1280 x 960 - 322k (http://reality.dc-nc.com/newsimgs/PR-ATV-1280.jpg)

Project Lead and Founder RequieM was interviewed by FPSCentral.com (http://www.fpscentral.com) Staff. All of the questions relate to the theme and goals of Project Reality. Here an excerpt:

"How did you decide upon the type of mod you are creating (Vietnam, WWII, etc.)?

RequieM: Online gaming has seen a massive increase in popularity over the past decade, and with this, also came an increase in simplicity in order for large producers to maximize profits. Unfortunately, there are players that demand more complexity, but are left in the dark due to this overwhelming arcade style of gameplay. The idea here is to fill that gap."

Read the rest here (http://www.fpscentral.com/index.php?game=11&site=interviews&action=view&id=9 4)

2004-08-26, 23:29
Excellent...and I love the wallpaper...I have a new desktop!

2004-08-27, 04:23
right on, Great job requiem :D

2004-08-27, 11:33
very very nice =) i think project reality will be a good bf2 modification ;)

2004-08-27, 23:16
Will be 100x better as soon as I have smoothing groups understood.

Black Beret
2004-08-28, 10:36
Hoo ah, Req!

Greenie Beanie
2004-08-28, 14:38

Nice, req!