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Long Bow
2007-08-01, 16:05
I have been playing PR for a while now, regularily since 0.4 but played it back in 0.1+ on and off as well. I enjoyed the later stages of the 0.6 Betas and was really excited about 0.6 being released due to the fact that we would have more servers to choose from.

Now that 0.6 is released I have yet to have a good round or be in a good squad. I'm not bashing the mod nor the new players. I'm just dissapointed that I'm not enjoying PR like I used to. The lack of voip use and the difficulty in finding a good SL have lead to lots of mediocre to poor rounds for me. I have tried to SL but for the most part it has been a weak attempt to gather up people and get them going in a direction.

Last night I had the house all to myself and about 4+ hours to play PR uniteruppted. I ended up jumping to a few different servers (TG used to be a lock for a good round or two for me, not so now) trying to find some familar names or a good squad. I ended up just closing it down after less then 2 hours, really dissapointed.

Anyone else finding the PR landscape a little bleak right now? Am I turning into an Emo?

2007-08-01, 16:10
hey Long Bow I have been getting the maps ready for v0.6 release so Ive been unable to play either :(
pain in the ass but hopefully the small gameplay tweaks will make hte maps a tad more balanced and fun to play.

add me to xfire (fuzzhead) and we can play tonight!

Long Bow
2007-08-01, 16:16
Funny you should have posted Fuzzhead, I regularily check to see if you have a squad on the go :lol: I don't even have xfire, I think this illustrates my need for eh?

2007-08-01, 16:46
Anyone else finding the PR landscape a little bleak right now? Am I turning into an Emo?
Yes, to some degree the games can go badly more easily because of the logistics but like other releases it will fade as the general level of competence is achieved.

POE2 on TG's server is a good way to decompress.
No real teamwork as POE is very vanilla but all the TG rules apply so it's a step above a regular server and you just run and gun, no thinking no planning, no RP or bunker requirements, just shoot people.
They have reduced ammo for a lot of classes, very cool mortars and Arty, different style of attack helo's and weapon load outs so there is a little variety and shiny new toys to play with.

The best part is after a few hours, even a marginally organized game of PR seems like clockwork and you really appreciate the difference in tactics that comes with rally points and assets.

#2. Define Emo

Guerra norte
2007-08-01, 16:50
#2. Define Emo
Like a lil' Gherl

2007-08-01, 16:53
Im soo confused now that I found out that there is more than 1 Long Bow on this forum. Anyways, Im experiencing something similar myself, TG is always full, so I either wait or join another server. When I do join another server, there is always someone complaining about something and it just irritates me. Most of the other servers, "VOIP Squads" are silent and I always end up chatting to myself. Ive had some decent rounds on TG when I dont end up being kicked for a supporting member.

2007-08-01, 17:44
Im so griefed from all this nubbery and teamwork on quality level of crap, Im starting to feel sick...really am...

2007-08-01, 18:11
#2. Define Emo
Oh please do.

2007-08-01, 18:43
emo chicks are hot

as for the game play, honestly its been a mixed bag. i just try to play with rhino or clan mates when i can, as rhino repeated tactic of "taking them from behind" always makes me laugh

2007-08-01, 20:01
Well, I went on TGs, had an awful round as MEC, and said 'gay game' instead of 'good game' at the end.
Decided, Ill stay on for Jabal and here's what I got


Not bad, eh :D

2007-08-01, 22:58
Long Bow, join the TG server and look for a Squad named "TG Assault". That is where you will find EXCELLENT teamwork and have a great time. It normally fills up in a nano-second...but if you shout at me through team chat, I will send an invite your way.

See ya on the Battlefield!

2007-08-02, 00:28
Yea, like most people say, there's still an influx of newb(n00b included!) players with a new release of the game. I've had good squads and the sort, but not until yesterday did I actually have a good team and commander.

Hell, I never really liked Kashan that much till yesterday. My favorite part about this commander? Well he took advice from the SLs, as well as coordinated different squads VERY well. If I said no to an order, it seemed as if he understood why. My second favorite part about him was he didn't have to spam the voip channels.

2007-08-02, 00:29
I saw some smacktards, though
Defending the MEC Base on Zatar in T90, when some random guy jumps on TOW and starts destroying friendly tanks..ffs

2007-08-02, 01:03
I have been having some good rounds on .6

Though a couple of them were pubbing with other tournament players, I have had some great rounds with people I didn't know before. Has anyone else noticed the amount of people who have microphones increasing?

2007-08-02, 01:05
Yeah, some found out, that VoIP communication is the key

2007-08-02, 01:13
The best way to get into the game again is:

1.get xfire,get name of friends,get playing together(as fuzzhead suggested)

2.Stop playing PR for a while,try some other mods/games.(as AD&A suggested)

other then that, maybe come back in a month or two when all the new players have left/know how to play, the game?

Long Bow
2007-08-02, 13:06
1. I have been playing more RO as it is semi organized and realistic but still pretty much run and gun. I always try to get on TG's server and have found some of the TG guys make good SL for sure. I know things are going to get back on track in the next month, it just sucks knowing how good and can be.

2. Emo = eddie ;-)