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2007-07-26, 14:24
I wrote this a long time ago after the battle, its from my squads perspective. This battle has gone down as the best in all the campaigns. Blind still has wet dreams over it.


Wow! Nodfor win, Asog win, Asog win, Nodfor win. It was real nail biting stuff. It was do or die time. John Wayne heroics were needed. We had to throw everything including our grannies at the milk excluding, tae drinking barbarians that were Asog. The plan was set, the vehicles revved up and I had my pants on.

“All call-signs, this is zero. Suck my……..I mean, we are LIVE on restart!”

“Go, go, go ya heap of shit!” cried Sol as he desperately tried to start the HMMWV.

The new guys were both ex-Special Forces. SoldierSOF, who looked like a big shiny knife, and Herd, a pothead fresh from the Vietnam war, fitted in well. Soldier always had a look in his eye like he was gonna cut you if you put too much milk in his tae. Herd I liked. He was a quite one but most probably because he was stoned most of the time.

Sol stales the HMMWV “God damn you!” he shouts. Another extra few seconds for Asog in the vitally important first few minutes of the battle. Finally the HMMWV roars into life and Sol drops Bravo squad in the APC as he jumps off the cliff like the Dukes of Hazard leaving a big “YEEEEHAWWW!” out of him imagining he was Bo Duke with a big blonde head of hair on him.

We get the order to spawn in. Popa (AT), Herb (AT), SOF (Assault), Thai (engineer). We enter the factory and set up in our defensive positions faster than Thai can blow his load when given a tank. But nothing………Asog attack Bravo squad hard to the South with an APC, Vodnick and at least 1 infantry squad. The Bravo AT’s badly hurt the APC as it enters the South gate and I finish it off from the other side of the compound. Bravo are hard pressed but hold their ground. With a little help from Alpha the first Asog assault is defeated and we have time to set up heavier defensive positions. Then we hear nothing but dead silence…………. silence…………Herb laughs at nothing……………more silence. Where the hell are Asog? It still baffles me to think about where they were. Scanning the hills West of the Central Island flag I see about six Asog defenders doing nothing but scratching their arses with their trigger-happy fingers. Was their HC afraid of us? Were they playing a mind game? Did I smell bad?

We’re told to hold our positions in the factory and not advance. A few Asog squads try to make it on foot across the river to attack us but its no good as there are cut down by Bravo, Alpha, our long range weaponry and a combine harvester. With a lull in the battle, Herb takes advantage of it and rolls up a splif. SOF asks for permission to “piss of the enemy” and goes out on his own and makes some amazing kills with his M16 rifle. He rakes in the kills and gets something like 30 kills to 2 deaths. With nothing happening at the Factory, and us getting jealous of SOF’s kills, both Bravo and Alpha squads are sucked outside the Factory walls to meet the enemy. This leaves just a skeleton defense inside the Factory. Asog take advantage of this and push hard once again on the South and break through. Everything is in a shambles and Sol runs around in zombie mode with his arms waving around like a helicopter. Despite a desperate attempt to reclaim the flag when it was grey we failed under the enormous pressure of the Asog attack.

Operation Harvest was put under way and we took our positions on the hill with Bravo as Charlie defended the flag and Foxtrot defended the North. Fair credit must be given to Foxtrot as they defended the North valiantly with no major Asog force breaking through their defense. Even from my vantage point at the other end of the battlefield I could see Narrowlight pushing his men forward regaining the ground the Asog attacks took, while hearing such vulgarity from him that even I was offended. Here was another tense and quite part in the battle. There was hardly any Asog activity around the Factory. Sol was once again taking the cheap route to the top and being a medic whore going around patching everything with a pulse up (even an injured frog which HE stepped on) in an all “to close for comfort” gay manner. Thai was jealously eyeing Alex (who was in a tank)up and down like a bitchy school girl after losing her man to another bitchy school girl. As I sat down chillin with Herb looking at the funny shapes the clouds were making, an Asog squad snuck up on us on our right flank. I threw Sol out of the gunner seat of the HMMWV and put down suppressive fire on the enemy. Under leadership of Sol, SOF, Thai and Herb put in a frontal assault on the enemy. As they ran across the open ground I kept the enemies heads down. They emerged over the hill the enemy were hiding behind to pump hot metal into them. A text book assault with no casualties. The enemy were now getting a little bolder as they pushed hard on the Village flag with armored columns and Vodnick rushes across the South bridge. The Village flag greys out many times giving me many sweaty armpits (I have 5) and forcing Herb to put out his splif. But, after much shouting from Alex and Deg.0, the perimeter is held and Charlie holds the flag.

Back to the silence…………no sign of Asog. Perhaps they are playing Russian Roulette thinking it’s safer than facing the might of Nodf. At this point Sol is shouting at Alex to push forward while just confusing Deg.0 and in return Alex shouts back at Sol and Deg.0 confuses everyone back. We finally get the order to begin the assault on factory. We pile into the HMMWV with thai staying back in the tank. At our first attempt we make it to the stairs and get wiped out. At our second attempt Sol hangs back in a clump of trees and we are backed up by Bravo attacking from the bridge and Delta HALOing in. Again everyone was wiped out but I make it up to the flag and find A.J.Saywer and myself the only ones alive up top. The seconds tick by as we tear down the Asog flag and begin to hoist up the Nodf flag. We can hear the battle raging as the next attack wave makes their hard fought way to the factory up against stiff resistance from Asog who probably didn’t realize Saywer and myself were there. But just then as the flag is being raised Saywer is shot in the back by a stray bullet, he puts his hand over the exit wound and slumps to the floor. With the blood stained red, white and blue of the Nodf flag laying across him he looks up at me and says “Fuck this shit, I’m getting a tank!”

“Don’t leave me man, you cant fucking die on me!” I cry at the lifeless body.

But I too bite the bullet as my position gets overrun. I lay there dead as a maggot while some Asog soldier T-bags my corpse. But our deaths were not in vein. We held our position long enough for the next wave to make it to the flag before Asog could raise theirs and get spawn positions in the factory.

Back to the battle and we set up defensive positions as per the start of the battle. This time we break the silence and advance towards the central flag. Orders are issued for Bravo to attack from the West and Alpha to attack from the South. With all of the talk before the battle of how suicidal it would be to launch an attack on foot to the Central Island flag, I was shitting in my pants. But it was grand apart from some Friendly Fire from Ranger North of the village which gives me some concern as he nowhere near hitting me…….get a new tanker. Anyway, SOF and myself lead the charge up the hill to our final assault line which was a small house for Sol to set up in. Now under cover of smoke we charged to the flag just as Bravo rush up in a HMMWV through Herbs smoke like something out of the movies. Asog just dissolve before us and even seeing one of them was like finding the end of a rainbow. The rest of the battle is basically a rout with very limited individual attacks from Asog. Flags are capped faster than our defense platoon can set up.

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2007-07-26, 16:14
i was there!

2007-07-26, 16:51
I remember that game, it was hilarious, as I was holed up in the shack to the north of the map, near the crop circles. Lucky me that nearly every fight that happened happened less than 100m away from me. I had jets flying over, APCs rolling past, and tanks firing shells past me. Great fun!

And I still managed to not die! No one came looking for me, and no stray shells hit me. :D

2007-07-26, 18:09
A day to remember lads! So good, I was in charlie squad with Rank and duckhunt. A game I'll never forget.

2007-07-31, 11:30
Holy crap great memories. I played with Bravo and helped hold the MEC Assault off from Factory, and then in the famed Charlie Squad with Rank, Squid, Duckhunt, Jaymz and Gordy.dk (Wow)