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2007-07-26, 13:04
Hey guys. I was in the bath :o today thinking about PR ( as you do) and I reflected on how much better 0.6 and my proudest achievements as a squad leader.

My proudest moment was on the very unbalanced(for USMC) map where there is an east and west beach, and a dam etc.

Not knowing of the current situation (we had lost the dam), I placed an RP just a few metres west of the bridge in a ditch next to the road and ordered the squad to retake the east beach.

We looked down the great hill of the bridge CP and saw that there was a convoy of jeeps and an APC just below. I ordered my engineer to place mines on the road so that we could ambush them. We managed to take a few guys out including the apc but we had to fall back as we were getting slaughtered.

We fell back the the rally point which was in a ditch just beside the road and decided to dig in to make our last stand. By this time we found out that our team was getting raped and had problems getting the dam back. I looked to the defences. We were pretty well dug in. By now the commander was screaming and pleading with me to take my squad to the dam to help get it back... but I ignored, knowing that if we lost the bridge, we would lose the ability to take the dam. Within seconds, the enemy pushed at us with at least 2/3 groups of infantry and vehicles. We were on the ridge of the ditch picking the USMC off as they crossed the bridge and onto the hills around us.

We already had a mine planted beside us on the road about 30mins ago so that even if we failed, we would take down at least one of the vehicles.

We battled on for about 30/45mins holding off countless attacks from the USMC, who tried and failed, to flank us, overwhelm us... But they did not succeed. We parried on till the last man, holding off what seemed to be possibly at least 1/3 of the USMC team of countless attacks. At one point they did manage to push through, but the well placed mine by my engineer halted their advance.

Given that the narrow hilly area helped us alot in our extraordinary defence, we did a great job holding the USMC off, for if we failed... I don't think our team would have successfully taken the dam.

We went on to win the game, taking both beaches with about 100-200 tickets remaining.

One of my proudest days of PR :)

2007-07-26, 13:14
I was in the bath today thinking about PR


2007-07-26, 13:15
So you people really mean that if I fire and hit a guy in this game he will go down? (just out of the sky)

2007-07-26, 13:16
killing one of my own squadmates with a supply drop onto his head.


2007-07-26, 13:16
?? @ Axel's post

2007-07-26, 13:19
So you people really mean that if I fire and hit a guy in this game he will go down? (just out of the sky)

can one shot kill, even if it wasn't a headshot?

Red Halibut
2007-07-26, 13:32
Not usually, but 2 or 3 rounds will, depending on the weapon.

2007-07-26, 13:35
Okay, sounds good. In vBF2 (as you call it) i couldn't kill people even with 2 bursts.

2007-07-26, 13:43
Proudest moment has to be winning best squad 4 times on the trot with VOIP BLITZ! :p

Was a good day!

2007-07-26, 13:44
One shot can kill, but thats if the target is wounded or has no body armor

Usually it takes about 3 5.56 mm rounds or 2 7.62mm
No body armor, 2 5.56mm and one 7.62mm

2007-07-26, 15:47
Proudest moment was defending against waves of American Tanks assaulting the North Village with a pair of HATs, a medic who did not know what to do, and a "Im soo screwed" attitude.

2007-07-26, 17:04
Seven Gates as British, we headed toward the River Fort with the rest of the team, my squad had its own APC with a squad-crewman, all the squads attacked river fort from the west..we took a 'shortcut' and went from the south.
We started assaulting the River Fort with the APC covering our back, within minutes we advanced inside, cleared the local Chinese and decided to defend the fort as everyone else were advancing to the Temple and we had no commander, by this time the APC was a pile of smoking debris.

Couple of minutes later, a squad of Chinese approach from the north, we started picking them off from the Fort easily, allot of bullets later our sniper was running low on ammo, and to our surprise, the Chinese were attacking from both north and south, I asked the newly appointed commander for supply drops on the Fort so we can rearm our sniper, we got it.
So I split my squad, machine gunner, medic, me and a rifleman covering south, Sniper and medic covering north.
All of this is happening while the rest of the team is assaulting the Temple, and we're holding the Fort..we must have killed at least 40 Chinese.
Then a third Chinese squad comes and discover our RP - I go in to hiding so my guys can spawn on me..we were starting to get over run, the south entrance was crawling with Chinese and our machine gunner was having a hard time with them..but we were still holding it.
Couple of minutes later, more Chinese come on a vehicle and they go for the side entrance..South was completely over run and the Chinese were inside..fierce fighting inside the complex and I got discovered and died..we lost the River Fort and our pathetic team didn't manage to get the Temple, the game was lost, when the 'best squad' came we were number one squad with an insane amount of points that made me proud of my squad :)

2007-07-26, 17:29
my proudest moment was graduating from baths to showers.

2007-07-26, 17:43
my proudest moment was graduating from baths to showers.

You must not have too many achievements ;)

There's nothing like grabbing a cold one and kicking it in a hot bath on a cold day while listening to some great chillout tunes.

2007-07-26, 18:03
Zatar Wetlands (Yesterday) I was SL because no one else was making squads. The other team moved quite swiftly and before we had our the first base, Farm, they had all the other bases. (We were MEC btw) So I took our squad around the mountains and came in from the south. Twice actually. The MEC and US scores were staying within 1 or 2 of each other and my squad finally got into the next base and captured it. It allowed the rest of the team to move in on Farm and we ended up winning by 30 tickets 5 minutes later.


2007-07-26, 18:46
It allowed the rest of the team to move in on Farm and we ended up winning by 30 minutes 5 minutes later.

Wait... so you won in 30 minutes but 5 minutes later? :-o

Speed Hack? Or Time Machine?? :thumbsup:

2007-07-26, 18:57
Proudest moment would have to be seeing the same people rejoining your squad every round.

2007-07-26, 19:05
^^ I always like that one! ;)

2007-07-26, 19:14
You must not have too many achievements ;)

There's nothing like grabbing a cold one and kicking it in a hot bath on a cold day while listening to some great chillout tunes.

dat is teh ghey!:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:


Mine's capping all the neutral flags with my squad and having to wait for the rest of the team who're sitting at main base to catch up.

2007-07-26, 19:22
When I as Sl managed to vote out of the server one of the worst smacktards known to mankind... I think it was nick_nack7 or sumthing..
Anyways he kept running into my tank with his vodnik untill he blew up and I got a teamkill for it, then he would proceed to blow our last armour up and teamkill everybody who spawned.. He lost us the round on that even though we could've won if we had had our armour in place.

2007-07-27, 03:19
Wait... so you won in 30 minutes but 5 minutes later? :-o

Speed Hack? Or Time Machine?? :thumbsup:

Oops, I meant 30 tickets 5 minutes later.

2007-07-27, 12:38
Proudest moment would have to be seeing the same people rejoining your squad every round.

Indeed. Also getting best squad awards :D

2007-07-27, 13:45
Last night on .:igi:. UK server. My squad was best squad 3-4 rounds in a row, excellent squad work and a commander who was talking to me and who everyone listened to. Thanks =SRR=GeneralSlippy (i think that was it)

2007-07-27, 15:04
Side: MEC
Spawn in as: Medic
Version: 0.5

I can't remember the date, but it's a fight that still is quite fresh in my memory. As any good story, it starts out slow and a bit dull actually. Every squad is full, so I am forced to join in with a soldier I have never seen before. Quickly I establish that he does not have a mike, but on the good side he can hear me. Worse is the fact that there are no cars, tanks or APC's that can give me transport to the west hills where he is located. So I run the entire length to get there.

When I finally got there, well wouldn't you know it, an APC was giving heavy covering fire at anything that moved up on that hill. I got killed. Luckily for me, the SL was a medic and I was back on my feet. Well, it didn't exactly take me long to piece together that we needed to get of that rock and into the city where it's harder for the APC to have hunting season on our butts.

After a hasty retreat north and trying to slide down the hill behind the shed we got killed about 2-3 more times, but always managed to revive each other by clever use of smokegrenades and keeping cool and head'n butt down to the ground. Now this unknown hero decides it is time for me to get a promotion. Congratulations, you are SL!

Ok, first priority: Stay alive
Second priority: Get to Gardens

The americans have successfully taken east city flag and are putting extreme pressure on west city flag. It is only minutes if not seconds before the defence at west city is crushed and defeated, or they route and run away.

Luck would have it, the APC is now paying more attention to what is going on at West city and not the two desperate soldiers trying to stay alive behind the shed. We deploy a smokegrenade and run behind the rock formation. By now the APC have moved forward from the desert and is at the city walls. Americans are spawning in everywhere.

We deploy our very last smokegrenade just as we hear a heavy mechanized vehicle coming closer and closer. It's a tank. Scratch that. We have 2 tanks coming straight towards our position. I throw myself in the ditch outside Gardens and start to say my hail Mary's. Right at that time, from out of nowhere people start to join my squad and spawn in. The first wave of arty comes down. My squad is whiped out. I survive. Both tanks and the APC move in to Gardens.

Up until now I have not fired a single shot. Right now, there are squads after squads rushing straight at me, while I try to hide under the wooden planks in that ditch. Conserving my ammo and desperatly trying not to expose where I am hiding, I fire only when necessary. Luckily one of my SM throws down some ammo so I can rearm and replenish my zappers. Second wave of artillery. Squad is wiped out. I'm still alive. The tank is now right above me, and one american squad has figured out where I am hiding and I can actually see little comic bubbles over their heads going: "Thats got to be the SL!" - "Lets whipe him out!" - "YEAH!".

Well, I can't stay here anymore, thats for sure. I deploy smokegrenades in front of me, and drop one far behind me. When they finally make a smokescreen (that is 5 hairy seconds I tell you) I jump out of the ditch, crouch by the hostile tank, do a quick check of my surroundings. I run to the back of the tank and fire of some shots. I rush next to it and sprint like hell towards my own smoke ahead of it. As luck would have it, I get the response I wanted. The tanks reverses and turns his turrent away from my new direction.

I run around the corner NW of Gardens just to slam into a couple of GI Joes. Luckily, some have spawned in on me when I got to safety (I should say "safety"). They are quickly taken out.

After hiding out in the tanktraps for a short while and a heated discussion of why I don't have an officers kit (if you remember, I haven't died once yet. Been ressurected every time) I make a mad dash for it. Now I am inside the northen wall of Gardens. Situation is as follows: 1 Tank right at the flagzone Gardens. 1 Tank west of Gardens. 1 APC unaccounted for, but last time it was spotted, it was close. The rest of our entire army is behind us.

Standing orders are: 1 cover my six. 1 or 2 of you go engineers/RPG and blow that tank up. Rest deploy smoke. NOW.

Oh well, it was a good idea. Squad whiped out. I'm alive.
Do-over! Squad whiped out. Still alive.
Next time around ... That sweet sweet sound of a tank that goes KA-BOOM!

Now we get an interresting switch in our squad roster. Since 80% of my squad is now of IGI soldiers, they want me to make room for another of their mates. Helix is now nagging me to go SL for their squad. My last order was that everybody drop their ammobags. Refill, rearm, heal up. When all 5 are standing around me, combat ready, I leave the squad.

New squad is formed. My Hx. buddies join in. Another heated discussion of "Why aren't you an SL?" And at the same time, I see Mr.D go as commander. Thank sweet jezabell.

My former squad, now the IGI squad is making such a ruckuss, that I manage to slip out of Gardens, run East and all the way to the now completely undefended East City.

IGI manages to take back Gardens after destroying that tank. My squad manages to take East City. Now my friends, the momentum has changed. No longer are the GI Joes holding all the cards, we are back in the game!

After successfull capture of West city, squad Hx is already in position at ruins. In that area I survive yet another 2 artillery strikes and kill about 15 americans.

The entire team manages to push the US all the way back to their main base. Still stationed at the Gasstation. Surviving yet 3 new artillery strikes, 7-8 new hostiles. I am still up and kicking, and then I got cockey.

The split second I decided not to play it safe anymore and go just a little GUNG-HO without planning or calculating the risk? I get shot right in the head. Oh well, I guess I shouldn't be to miffed. I have survived with 1 life for about 1 hour, 7 arty strikes, 2 tanks and 1 apc. Pluss an entire US force surrounding me. Without an officers kit. At least I can get one now.

The last 5 minutes of the game before we conclude the biggest turnaround in PR history, I get sloppy. End result is 27K:4D. And the americans are still trying to figure out where the hell it all went wrong.

2007-07-28, 03:00
it is still my proudest moment!

2007-07-28, 03:37
Drove USMC completely off EJOD Desert 331-0.
Won Desert Storm 42-0 as USMC, without taking Canyon. (Civilians were getting knifed more then killed)
Beat Insurgents completely off Raid on Moskiye 62-0.

Winning Desert Storm as USMC without even passing Canyon is a feat i've never seen on any server.

I'm (SPC-4)Warne. If you see me ingame, please join up. I usually either play defense, or setup ninja spawn points for assaults from unconventional directions.

2007-07-28, 03:38
Yeah, but did you survive as a grounpounder 7 arty's, tanks, 1 APC and a whole entire US team hitting you at once?

Oh, and top this! Without being called a cheat once!

2007-07-28, 04:01
Yeah, but did you survive as a grounpounder 7 arty's, tanks, 1 APC and a whole entire US team hitting you at once?

Oh, and top this! Without being called a cheat once!

Naw, not my kind of fight. Took USMC's main by driving a squad wayyyy down the western edge of the map, skirting the out of bounds area, and set up a Rally Point on the southwest corner of their base, on the other side of a small hill. Just came up from their southeast corner, chunked smoke and frags, and had every respawning MEC with a rally on their squad joining in the party. Something like a good fifteen MEC vs three or four USMC for their Main.

Shot 'em from behind, took their base, then tracked down their one APC at Ruins that slipped through the forces that were ramming through in a frontal assault from Gas Station. Went 4-3 or so. I let other squads do the cannon fodder work. If I make any kind of 'frontal' assault, it's the sneakiest attack I can come up with.

2007-07-28, 04:13
Drunk as a skunk.
Just let me repeat: Without SL kit. 7 arty. 2 tanks. 1 APC, The ENTIRE us team on you ass ... and still kicking.

2007-07-28, 11:27
My proudest moment as squad leader was on the map operation ghost train, i was British team btw...so here i am..in my squad and we decide to try and hold the north end of the bridge, none of my buddies failed me, but the waves were getting heavier and heavier so we decided to fall back and regroup, and attack another position which was the "Temple" so i set up our rally point at the top of the hill where hardly anyone can see it...my squad mates tell me to make sure the Flag is safe etc, so i get out my binoculars and scan the area for enemies, so i can the area and report "All Clear, Your Good To Go" so my mates move in while i stay up top because usually when i go in myself i get shot and totally pwned....anyway i finally go to the temple flag to help my team mates and the temple was being swamped by loads of chinese....one of my squad mates didnt even know where there rally point was...but we held the temple flag..for the rest of the game! and won the round too!...then the next round my squad crossed the river and picked off apcs and infantry at south bridge by sniping them ontop of a mountain which has a girder tower thing...i was "Sniper" btw and started spotting targets for Commander and other squads...and also picking off Infantry who are trying to cross the bridge....

also one map where u have ruins,west city, etc....me and my squad managed to hold the enemies armour at bay..because one of my squad mates was in a abrams tank, so we helped him destroy enemy armour...by spotting them out for him, while some of my squad mates took out the infantry, i was soooo proud of that guy in the tank, he was doing an excellent job, we got best squad for that map too...and our team won the battle too!.

I mostly use Voip in my squads etc....and team work too...

2007-07-28, 22:58
Uhm I have many moments...
Moments i want to forget about:
1. Flipping the saxon with my whole squad in it..
2. Saying "Mine mine mine" over voip... GOD those that was in that squad still bugger me about it... GAH! GET OFF MY LAWN!!

Moments i remember.
1. Ejod.
Those Shiny new M1`s... Mmmmm...
We had two of them, we laid waste to all of the buggers out there, thanks to our Engineer, best comment of that round was, "OMG THAT ASSHOLE STOLE MY TRUCK..."Gunshots" There, the idiot aint gonna do that again"
God I laughed soo hard, Not to mention the "OH FOR F****** Sake, ITS TWO OF THEM!... We ran into two t-90`s.. And won that battle...
2.That forrest map, with the rebels n shit..I fail at names..
We were the boys under the union jack, and we loaded upp into two saxons..
Needless to say, when im behind the weel of anything but a tank, and even then, it usualy goes offroad by a mile..
Anyways... After messing about with the cars, and finaly saying "F off" to them, my squad and I set upp our rally point, just south of the east tower, then we started out assult, it went good..
Then after a few pointless battles, becuse our commander did not have the guts to yell at his team, we got munitions under the jack...
Then pain came..
Still we held them off, and moved on to perimiter base 1, We got it, and then the best comment of the round was, "You know we are fucked now" as my squadmate said, becuse we was smack bam right outside of theyr main.. And they came, and came, and came, and came, and then the fat lady started to sing, and it was over.. The FinalFirst was best on the UK team by far.

2007-07-31, 14:09
I had a pretty proud moment today.

I joined a server running EJOD Desert at the very beginning of a round. I was in a squad where nobody was talking (which bugs me in PR), and the squad leader wasn't placing move markers or anything, so I left.

I joined every squad which wasn't locked or full, and not one of them had set up rally points or move/attack/defend markers, and each squad member was always miles apart from everyone else, people were all over the place. Eventually I settled in one squad, just because I'd tried them all. After a minute or so, the squad leader left and rejoined (which happens all the time in this mod - I guess they don't like the responsibility) just as I took the first flag with a random group, and I became the leader.

"Right, everyone move here and meet up with me" and everyone did it. It's SO easy, I've no idea why nobody else just talks to people. So we moved up and I set a rally point, and told someone to grab a support kit in case we needed it.

Anyway, our squad took the next flag by ourselves, and then defended it while our team took the next flag. We kept doing this until the USMC only had their main flag left.

At this point things got messy, with tanks and APCs shredding all the infantry running across the open desert.

I could see things weren't going well like this so I told everyone to load up into the APC, and got the driver to drive us around the side of the flag, and circle in the back way. We'd only just got out of the APC, when it was hit by a tank and we all died. Crap.

We spawn back in the city, and a guy in my squad notes (I'd noticed too) that our squad was the only one in our entire team which had set up a rally point. Everyone else in the entire team was spawning way back out our base. Luckily, there was an empty Vodnik right next to the rally point, so we all got in it, and I drove around the other side of the US flag to the little house at the very back. I set up another rally point, and our squad attacked the flag from the rear. We basically took that flag by ourselves, since the rest of our team was busy getting slaughtered attacking from the front.

It's amazing what a little bit of communication and teamwork can accomplish.

2007-07-31, 14:19
Yeah, i totally agree with you on that one!. teamwork can always work depending on whos in your squad and whos on your team, i remember one map where your at an oil field and basically me and my squad managed to hold the erm...Oil storage flag from enemy armour, we also asked the commander to send armour to our flag and help us secure it....

2007-07-31, 15:12
Side: USMC
Spawn in as: Officer/DM/Medic
Version: 0.6

I always seem to be lucky enough to enter games at the right time where there are 3 full squads and locked squad. This time I sort of got lucky. There was a 4th squad with only one guy in it. I hopped in only to find out that the SL was AFK. I sighed and hopped in the back of an APC as it rolled to the city. By the time I disembarked I had a few more squad members each responding to radio checks. Thank god! We moved east of the city and set a perimeter around the area where the Commander was building a bunker while the rest of the squads moved though the town. I still had my medic kit and provided aid to soldiers in the area till the bunker was up. Once it was up I got my officer kit and asked for orders. The commander didn't respond, so I moved my 4 man squad north to a little elevated area of dunes due east of the gardens. We set up a Rally right as an enemy mechanized unit tried to flank past our dunes and hit the command bunkers. We gathered support weapons, AT gear, and marksman kits and laid withering fire on the advancing MEC infantry. We managed to flank and knock out the APC along with two tanks over a period of time. I gave my squad holding orders and provided significant fire down on the gardens (where they where advancing from) and waited for the squads to lock down their flags. Once the flags were locked down we made our way though town where I was surprised to see that these guys actually knew tactics, cover arcs, and bounding over watch. We made our way to the east side of town and captured the final flag before moving to Gardens. In the end we had knocked out an assortment of enemy vehicles and mangled any attempt by the enemy to reinforce defenses in the town. One of my squad members invited me to play on his server, which I have no problem finding a decent squad or commander on.

I don't lead squads that much, but I learned that like in reality, a good squad is made up of good squad members, not just a leader. Thanks for transforming BF2 into such a good game.


2007-07-31, 22:58
Okay, sounds good. In vBF2 (as you call it) i couldn't kill people even with 2 bursts.

Welcome to PR, where modern assault rifles actually serve a purpose!

2007-08-02, 21:25
(read it in old pirate voice thing)
yarr listen here for a tale of bravery and heroism the like ye have never seen.

Yarr it was 7pm in the south west of daqing oil fields (PR version not vBF2)
China Bravo squad was approching the US base. Twas all going to plan until the devil him self crossed our position in his Cobra. The cobra then turned and fired at Bravo squad, Bravo squad responded by emptying their rifles into the chopper, yarr but twas no avial, Bravo squad had to hold out for 5 minutes for a supply drop, but then it came.

Chin (cant remeber actual name) grapped a SA-7 from the supply drop, he fired it into the chopper and down it went, bravo squad clebrated with a rice whine but their ordeal was far from over.

It was then that Bravo SL ordered Sargent-timo to plant C$ on the helipad to prevent further attacks, under the cover of his squad sargent timo advanced onto the main base, all was well the C4 was planted but then a us marine ran past down the stairs from the temple, sargent timo made a desision the marine must be scilenced, unfortunetly he was about to get into a tan so a quick burst fom hius rifle sliced the rouge crewman.

Sargent-timo called to his squad to say mission complete, and he began to return to the rest of his squad. Suddenly his radio crackld into life filled with cries for help from the rest of his squad.

An enemy APC was taking out the squad, sargent timo knew what he had to do, running onto the runway he saw an enemy marine he was dea as a 3 round burts slamed into him, yarr, sargent timo than ran up to the APC and chucked a mine underneth, then he ran like hell rounds whipping up the... concrete of the runway. BOOOM up went the APC. Bravo squad left for home.

Sargent timo was rewarded the chinese equivilent of the victoria cross.


2007-08-03, 18:09
Great thread, despite all the SPAM.

S.A.S jackwebsterdunstan
2007-08-08, 21:46
had the best time today, went out in the morning for eye test (yay dont need glasses) then went and brought earphone + mic headset for PR, got home, set it up (after some deliberation) and joined in TB server (not the city maps one) the map was kashan desert and eager to join my first VOIP Teamwork squad i looked but there were no voip squads
not even a teamwork squad
so i took a risk and made my own VOIP TW squad (ive never been SL before properly) had a bunch o' guys join straight away and we set off to south bunker and set down our rally point without hassle, they all listened to me and followed my orders, moved up to south bunker and got a support on the roof opposite it to fire down inside, flashbang down the stairs and piled in killing at least 7 or 8 reds.took it, defended it whilst everyone else dissepeared (is it just me or does everyone on your team dissapear when you take one bunker, and they dont go to north either)
ok im rambling, was a particularly amazing round, but i think why i was so pleased was because i finaly got a mic working for PR, guys listened to me and said theyd be happy to have me as squad leader again.
and we were the best squad on the team at the end.
yay for mics!

ps if youre reading this and dont have a mic and dont think it can make much of a difference,
it does.
buy one.

2007-08-08, 22:45
Today, my squad breeched 2000 points(we were 21-- something). I probably have done it before, but this is the first time in a while. The second place squad(after mine on the same team) had 1080. Best opposing squad had 17-- something. Hell, and we even lost a good player and had him replaced with a semi-newbie, but did his job.

2008-01-04, 14:39
Any more 0.7 finest moments??

In 0.7, so far my finest moment was on fools road. My squad managed to take the helicopter base by ourselves, which seemed to contain the whole opposing team :P no tank support or anything, just our infantry and help from our suppressing MG gunner :)

2008-01-05, 22:04
I was in Qwai and i was with the tow hummer but my ammo was out as i have just taken out an enemy support truck, an apc and hit a tank once. Then i escaped from the tanks cannon with my usual zigzag nos manuvuer and hidden myself behind a bunch of trees. Then i see an friendly apc with a full sqd inside toward the enemy position. So i scream to him to not go there, but he doesn't respond so i take my hummvee and run infront of the apc and as i was right infront of the apc i take the tanks round on my humvee and the apc was able to save him self.
i was porud, really proud.

2008-01-06, 18:59
When my squad killed a whole convoy of british with just two C4's and one land mine :)

2008-01-06, 19:29
We were the Chinese on Qinling, and right after our team had capped all the farm post, my squad (who was already in position to attack the GB main, by order of commander) quietly infiltrated the enemy airfield. I told my guys to hold fire, and then, once we had the base surrounded, I told them to engage at will. It was great. We took out an Apache and a Eurofighter with the heavy-AT, and we decimated all of the unsuspecting pilots so impatiently waiting for an aircraft. I wish I could have seen the looks on their faces.

2008-01-06, 20:22
Fullcapped the MEC on Ejod as USMC and won with 382 tickets :)

2008-01-07, 05:00
Turned over the tide of battle on Kashan with a very good tank gunner.

http://screenshot.xfire.com/screenshot/large/7c8a794907f25d7b90b011769c74d6fd53b535e7.jpg (http://www.xfire.com/screenshots/outlawz7/ss_file-7c8a794907f25d7b90b011769c74d6fd53b535e7.jpg)

2008-01-07, 06:24
Turned over the tide of battle on Kashan with a very good tank gunner.

http://screenshot.xfire.com/screenshot/large/7c8a794907f25d7b90b011769c74d6fd53b535e7.jpg (http://www.xfire.com/screenshots/outlawz7/ss_file-7c8a794907f25d7b90b011769c74d6fd53b535e7.jpg)

special shoutout to Jocowolf for his commander support role...and to all the other players ...had about 4-5 very active and organized squads..

2008-01-07, 16:41
Cant really pinpoint one moment in history (guess iv been playing PR for to long) altho its allways fun to find likeminded teamwork oriented players with voip!

2008-01-07, 17:07
Turned over the tide of battle on Kashan with a very good tank gunner.

http://screenshot.xfire.com/screenshot/large/7c8a794907f25d7b90b011769c74d6fd53b535e7.jpg (http://www.xfire.com/screenshots/outlawz7/ss_file-7c8a794907f25d7b90b011769c74d6fd53b535e7.jpg)

You pwned KatieWolf :lol:

2008-01-07, 19:37
Katie says the MEC always wins this map......lol

2008-01-08, 04:05
Another good night of armor fun on T Combat server (and Katie took another one to the head) ;}



Good fun gents.

2008-01-08, 04:18
Another good night of armor fun on T Combat server (and Katie took another one to the head) ;}



Good fun gents.

Not Just Katie!!
You and that @#$#@#$ Tank.....lol
good rounds though