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2007-07-23, 14:17
I was a SL on a helmand province round, on the GB side. The team went from flag to flag across the map twice, then I decided to dig in and defend the southern-most flag.

We capped the flag with very little opposition from the occupying insurgent squad, and spread out to the east and north. During the course of the game we were attacked in several waves, but never fell back. We were rushed by civilians, but not one was shot while defending, and we never fell back. At one point molotovs and smoke grenades rained down just infront of our position and the insurgents advanced on us under the cover, but we never fell back.

We spent 3/4 of the round prone behind the mounds of dirt, both sides taking pot-shots, but we never had less than four people defending. Insurgent forces flanked us to the east, a full squad, heavily armed. Three people took them out.

The other flag, whiskey, was mostly neutral. At the beginning of the round it had fallen to us with ease as my squad moved in, but without us the team was stalling.

We eventually won the round by about 60 tickets, because of my squads determination and refusal to give the enemy a foot-hold. Their bravery was incredible, under heavy enemy fire one person decided to run out after the civilian a few metres away. One by one the enemy combatants were wounded, many were killed in one shot and the civilian was successfully arrested, the soldier who ran out returning unharmed. The whole round they sat on the side of the dirt mounds, looking out for an enemy who would try to kill them with only a moments notice.

We won the round because of their bravery, and I never had to yell at any of them to behave or work with the rest of the squad - they were the best squad I have ever seen and I'm sure they all know who they are.

2007-07-23, 15:01
determination.. sounds like a really great squad you had there

2007-07-27, 09:20
now, that does not tell me how to defend helmand province, because the brits are the attacking team.

2007-07-27, 11:46
We were defending, once we had taken the flag anyway.