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2007-07-19, 14:33
I started my day of PR on Kashan where I made a tank squad (unfortunatley I had to reconnect so I became just a SM after that)

This game went fairly well, amazingly, everybody in my squad had VoiP (I know, crazy, eh?) So we got some tanks, went over to bunkers and cleared anything we saw until inf capped it. For the rest of the game we stayed at South Village. So, we finally get there, we flatten every single building there (literally) and any inf hiding there. Next thirty minutes we just take potshots at inf in South Village, waiting for out (seemingly) unmoving infantry comrades.

Finally, an APC rolls up and lets out troops and we're getting ready to cap. We take care of more infantry and then an enemy tank rolls up, everyone's excited because it's 3 of our tanks, to one of theirs, until everyone realizes they're out of SABOT rounds (we've all been alive for about 45 minutes now). So I get pawned, I respawn on the nearby APC, get a H-AT and walk something like 700 meters to get into a good position to kill the tank, which I do. Now, though, we're in the shitter.

Our tanks still have no sabot rounds, and to make things worse, the enemy has both MiGs and the Sukhoi up in the air, which is amazing to me, since all our planes crashed on the runway. The game ends shortly after. I had a really great squad, if you ever see these guys on a server make sure to join up with them.


After that I left for a while (because the server was having convulsions)

and joined up a little bit later in Daqing Oilfields [sic]

This is where I tried, for the first time, to be a good, coordinated and efficient SL. Admittadley, I sucked ass for the begginning of the round, but finally I got the hang of it, and after forgetting my SL kit several times, we finally set up an RP far west of the Oil Storage Facility. For a long time we were pinned down by a sniper, but Gaucho brought up a tank, and we ran behind the cover of the tank until we got to a bunch of boulders, close enough so that we could take the sniper out with our M-16s. After this it was a dream.

Again we ran from cover to cover behind our tank (who in a brilliant move of comradeship positioned his tank so he could cover us from another sniper so we could heal each other)


With the aid of another squad, we rushed in to storage and capped it with almost no resistance, and set up a defense there, quietly waiting for the other team to cap Production Facility, when they did we rushed refinery but unfortunatley it ended before we could cap it, although we won.

Again, a great group of guys that I would reccommend any day, with the two BorG guys throwing around humerous Star Trek Quotes such as "Resistance is futile" and the such.


I'd like to commend Gaucho for his excellent tank driving (and not just killing enemies, but providing physical cover as well) and dunehunter for being an excellent H-AT and listening attentively to orders.

Next round, Assault on Mestia (Militia Side)

I waited a bit, and then made a squad named "Ambush" I was proud that for the first time I had people voulentarely wait for me to make a squad, and didn't just go to another squad.

Anyways, the round started off great. We all spawned at rebel base (except Gaucho, who went to West so he could lay some mines for the Warriors) and I was suprised to see that a Militia convoy in our squad spontanously generated, with absolutely no planning by anybody, we got a 2 man crewed BRDM and two Technicals.


Unfortunatley a second after I took that SS, the BRDM ran over a friendly mine. Anyways, after we got to our position, the first order of business was an RP. And what better place to put an RP other than a tree?


Yeah, well apparently anywhere else, no one could spawn on it, so we had to run all the way from Rebel Base.

After setting up another RP on the ground, we got around to our Ambush, I gotta tell you, it was beautiful. The whole time we were there, I think only one APC got past us, and that was because we were running from somewhere else. One APC tried to be tricky and go through the grass instead of the road, but still ended up blowing up because it hit a mine on the shoulder of the road.


In total I think we got something like >5 APCs, 3 or 4 Saxons, a commander truck, and countless infantry trying to weed us out.

I couldn't be more greatful for a squad like this


The only thing that bothered me that whole round was an annoying commander that kept telling us to go to west tower, when I repeatedly told him that the name of the squad was "Ambush" for a reason.

The last round of the day, Assault on Mestia (British Side)

This time I named my squad "East Tower"

Again, many of my former SM rejoined my squad, and that made me feel even prouder.


So BBB got an APC and stopped on the road about halfway to East Tower, while the rest of us went far NE, planted a rally and got ready. Another squad was attacking from the NW, and I gave the order for all of us to go from the NE, and the APC to move up the road from the South. Those Chechnyans had no chance. So we waited and waited until West Tower was white (and somehow Storage was Capped) and we rushed munitions factory, absolutely no resistance whilst capping. We had it halfway capped when a friendly APC came in and secured our foothold. So we capped the flag, and I got my team together to put down a rally point far up in the hills, after that I told them to just wander around Munitions, taking potshots, until both Storage and West were capped. When they were, we rushed for Perimiter Base 2. We finally capped that as well, with the help of some blue guys.

After that it was just an everchanging frontline, both perimiter bases constantly changing from Brit, to White, to Militia. The Militia won by the skin of their teeth (pardon if that's not the right use of that idiom)

End of the round score was Militia Win 2-0.

I was extremely proud of my squad, and all the squads from yesterday that I played with. They gave me a glimmer of hope through the fog of TKers, Smacktards, and Idiots. It was thanks to their attention to orders and skill that I had such a good time SLing. I hope they had fun being my SMs as I was being their SL (I know, cliche)

The end of the round score was fairly good, I think the next squad was something like 500 points behind us (I didn't check)

Finally, I consider myself a well-rounded PR player.

If you're still reading down to here, sorry for the long post.

2007-07-19, 15:12
That was some very found rounds. That was me {SDP}LeadMagnet that took the commanders seat at the end of that round in your SS after noticing it sitting vacant for a good portion of the round. I figured it was worth a shot after nearing quiting in rage at all the TK's going on (especially after single handedly wiping out an entire squad only to be tk'd trying to recover the sniper kit from the pile of bodies).

2007-07-19, 15:31
Seems like nobody was driving the ammo truck around on Kashan... That's all I do these days on armor maps, and it helps prevent such things from happening. Unfortunately, most people use the ammo trucks as taxis, abandoning them somewhere and moving on elsewhere.

2007-07-19, 15:45
After we first respawned, we hadn't been to the main bases in a long while, so we never managed to get the ammo truck.

2007-07-19, 17:19
I like to run dedicated supply truck squads. That way, you can better distribute ammo. Instead of having a truck attached to one squad at all times, you can be all over the place, and assist anyone who requires it.

2007-07-19, 18:00
Eh, you made a boo boo, thats Kufrah Oilfields, not the Daquin

2007-07-19, 19:32
Yeah, my bad.