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2007-07-17, 18:40
.... this game really rocks dad!
http://gallery.sinna.no/albums/userpics/normal_170720071386.jpg (http://gallery.sinna.no/albums/userpics/170720071386.jpg)

.... Yeaa son.. vanilla "ice" will never taste the same.......

2007-07-17, 18:42
Is that boy yours? :D

2007-07-17, 18:45
bosco']Is that boy yours? :D

2007-07-17, 18:46
Hehe he looks like a good future (team)player, with that dad especially.

2007-07-17, 19:22
Hehe, show that picture to some of our beloved bavarian politicians...

2007-07-17, 19:51
What do bavarian politicians have to do with PR playing children in Norway ?

2007-07-17, 19:53

2007-07-17, 20:06
I see
or I don't

2007-07-17, 20:10
On a serious note: There are some politicians in Germany, one in Bavaria especially, who want to ban all PC games because little kids play them, even when they're not allowed to.
They even want to make playing certain games a crime, punishable like watching child pornography.
This hysteria was caused by an amok run in a school last year.

2007-07-17, 20:13
haha, that will be fun. its cool that you can enjoy the same activity. like a high tech version of fishing.

@bosco: that is crazy. do you have links to any news stories links or anything?

2007-07-17, 20:19
Well the problem with these politicians (mainly CDU/CSU... coincidence??) exists but I think we are a long way from them ruining our hobby. The 2 high-school shootings in Germany in the last years were a sad thing but both times violent computer games seemed more like a symptome than the cause of the act. (As far as I could tell from the statements the shooters left)

The main problem are the parents. But I guess when parents are playing the games with the kids that is different from kids not getting atteiontion from their parents and playing these games.

2007-07-17, 21:10
I was wondering why some players sound like little kids...

2007-07-17, 21:47
I was wondering why some players sound like little kids...

I once had a SL who sounded like an 8 year old boy. I asked if he was a girl or just a very joung boy.

He didn't say anything per VOIP anymore that round...

2007-07-17, 23:27
@bosco: that is crazy. do you have links to any news stories links or anything?
(in german)

2007-07-17, 23:36
good to see that you keep PR runing strong in the family rage! a true amasador of PR! :)

2007-07-18, 02:04
seems, the same bavarian polititians voting to ban 1st person shooter are voting
for more military real stuff action around the globe.
thats weird

2007-07-18, 02:49
Well it's like people that want abortion don't want capital punishment and vice versa.