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2007-07-08, 08:43
i was playing al kutra oil feild the other night (i dont think i spelled that right lol)
and was mec wich was a blessing because when ever im US we end up getting horribly base raped by tanks at the end wich the US team was, any ways me and my squad moved up tword the rear of their main, some riflemen a medic and 1 sniper (me) we had just got done setting the RP when we heard some tanks wich was the last thing we expected to come out of the US base, we thought we hadnt been spotted by any enemies but some US rifle men shot at us killing 2 of my squad mates and wounding me while the medic was healing me one of the squad mates started to move up to there main and then he suddenly came back.....the tanks had started moving in on our position one of wich went right over my head and killing our medic (think of the scene from band of brothers were the german tank ran over their own soldier) the tanks whiped out my entire squad and our RP besides me and one other guy, i was still bleeding but luckily he was kind enough to give me his feild dressing we moved up to one of the US own sandbag spots and began to pick them off.....until the tanks came back that is.....

2007-07-08, 23:20
Sounds fun!

However, might I ask why you deposited all of your full stops ('periods' in American parlance) at the end of your post?

If you sprinkle them liberally throughout a passage of text instead, it helps it make sense.

Peace :)

2007-07-08, 23:21
[Deleted Double post ...]