View Full Version : Reformatt comp

2007-06-29, 17:33
okies im gonna reformat my comp asap, i fed up of my comps powerbeing eaten by backround programs that i cant close XD, even though i know i dont ned them, and all the random shit i got on heree aswell, so can some 1 give me a step by step way to reformat, such as thing i need to get it up and running again,

arrr fu*k i just relized wat forum i posted in XD, can some 1 move pls :lol:

2007-06-29, 18:39
whooa there, no need to format....

just use msconfig

type msconfig into the run command.. windows key + R

go to the Startup tab.. and untick all the crap.

then go to Services tab, tick; Hide all MS services..then turn off unneeded services.

Try that first...may work wonders.