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2007-06-15, 20:53
How not to die; (best way to read this lissen to "Sympathy for the Devil" - Rolling Stones

This is not a story how much I was a hero, but how everybody else was. Because of them, I survived 2 APC's, 3 tanks and 7 artillery strikes. I died 4 times in the duration of 40 minutes. All the 4 kills was the last 3 minutes of the map when we desperatly tried to rush their last base. And the intensity of the battle was such, I never did get that officers kit. Not even once.

The map is EJOD. I joined in 3 minutes after the map started, and since there was no other squad, I joined in a squad with only 1 fellow. Never seen him before, never seen him since. I joined. Reported in. He did not have VOIP and told me so. Don't really care. As long as you can hear me. We went on the western hill, west of west city. I like that. What can I say? I'm Helix. We like whoring up there. You own that hill, you own the hostiles. Especially as MEC. And we where MEC. Both of us was medics. I got killed 4 times by that APC trying to get towards Gardens. He saved me. Every time.

And when I finally managed to get behind that big rock formation, he left and joined the squad. Holy fuck .. now I'm squad leader. I am still directly west of Gardens, and I have one tank right infront of me. I throw myself in the ditch. And I keep hidden. From beeing 2, we are now suddenly 6. One after one, IGI join in the battle. All of them are yelling at me for orders. All I could say is: " DON'T SPAWN AT ME - STAY SAFE - GET THE F... OUT OF HERE". I finally manage to get behind Gardens, and get myself on the NE enterance. We are getting slaughtered by tanks.

All the while more of my fellow Helix are joining in and telling me off on Ventrilo that they want a spot in the squad. You know what folks? Sometimes, the dirty half dozen you have is the dirty half dozen you want. Not one was kicked. And now, I had the hardest deciscion ever. More IGI players wanted to join the squad. I left. I left the squad of the best fighting men I have ever met, to make room for one more. I did not leave untill I saw that everybody spawned in on me with kits needed. Then I said good luck, and left. I did this, because I knew, with IGI in the back, we could kick ass!

So now, I am all by myself. My own men are at East city. I have to get there to help them.

On Ventrilo, I made progress report. Now, I have survived 1 APC, and 2 tanks. All alone, I came across 1 APC. It stopped 30 meters infront of me. Like a true sequal of Splinter Cell, I hid. I hid in the corner. And even if they passed right infront of me, I did not fire.

I reported their position, and kept hidden.

When the APC was blown, the hostiles was defeated. I ran like a bat out of hell towards my Helix mates. And don't you know it?! One fellow left the squad, and I was once again the gawd darn squad leader. "Ruins! I want the fucking Ruins. If we all die, I want it".

"Commander is reporting in!" Mr.D. who joined in earlier in my squad was now commander. Who ever was commander and had me as a squadleader know how demanding I can be.

"Commander, this is squad 3! WE NEED SUPPORT, RUINS - I AM NOT SHITTING YOU - GET MEN OVER HERE NOW! TANGOES SE, 5. SW 6. House of PAIN - aka "Mcdonalds" - 4 tangoes on rooftop. Need reinforcements - NOW. GET THE FUCK OVER HERE - NOW!"

For those who know how it is to lead boys and men. Getting 5 folks to follow your orders, and curb their entusiasm and defend one point is hell on earth. We did. We did not move one inch before one squad took over our position.

While my squad hit east of Gasstation. I hit west. In that time, we got hit by 7 arty strikes. Yes. 7. I survived. EVERY ONE. People spawned in, and kept hitting the hot spots like there was no tomorrow. The movie "300" could take pointers from us!

At this point I had defeated 27 tangoes, not dying once, by clever flanking and people taking care of the main prize. Me.

We got Gasstation. We owned. But never alone. Mr.D. made sure that we where never alone. We pushed them right on the brink of total destruction.

Let this be said. This team had lost 5 times in a row, before some very heroic people fought like it was their own darn back yard. They never let up, they never gave up, they always fought. And that my friends, is why we keep playing PR. Those once in a life time stories, when folks still brag 6 months later - "I was MEC on EJOD, and kicked your asses so far up your butt, sunshine never did shine!"

It was one of those battles, when nobody does wrong. Nobody does any error, but only shine. It was truly one of those times you thank the DEVS for making such a great mod. It's not so much the leadership, it is more about the folks fighting with you and getting the job done.

On Thors Brigade, I had 32 soldiers do the most amazing turn around that I have ever seen. And it was not because of IGI, Helix or Thors, it was just because folks thought -


On that note, I want to give a tribute to some well know names.
IGI and Thors - I love hating you. You are the best of enemies that any clan could ever fight.
PIT - You really learned Helix what WAR was. We learned. We adapted.
The spanish - habla espanjoyl - medico - amHOnition - we are there buddy
Serbia - for learning us the meaning of never - EVER (I canno't tell you) EVER say die.

I salute you.

I salute whoever says "never". Who just never says that defeat is on our doorstep, but keep fighting. Cause these folks, they where not just IGI or Helix folks, in this story - ordinary "just joined" folks made our victory a solid.

We love you. Join us. Keep PR fighting. Keep the stories alive.

2007-06-15, 21:09
I seem to have something in my eye....crying? No!:roll:

2007-06-15, 21:11
The battle was just epic. The opposition was not a pushover. They fought like crazy, but we still managed to win. It was truly one of those stories where you where proud.

2007-06-15, 21:18
I joined the server on MEC side when the Gardens was going neutral. A few of us iGi were coming in and we joined CLaudius there.

The USMC had actually driven their tanks into the Gardens and there was notihng we could do but lie behind the walls, popping up and rapping on the sides of the tanks from various directions with our small arms fire.

We were alive for absolutely ages and the USMC were so frustrated that they could fully take the flag. Each time their troops cvame in they got naded to death. The tank drivers were not getting out of their tanks for anything!

Eventually we spawned in as engineers and jumping on top of the tanks we cleared the Gardens enough for our side to come in and fully take the flag.

From there, we pushed the disheartened enemy back with organised fast flowing resistance. Leapfrogging the enemy to the Ruins when they all ran to the West and East City flags we managed to take Ruins and then moved onto Gas Station whilst the USMC were caught not knowing which way to turn, keep on going or run back for the Ruins?

When we pushed on and took the gas station and the rest of our team caught up with us the enemy were sporadically coming from their main base and judicious use of HAT and Arty kept them from advancing too far towards the Gas Station. USMC troops looked like they were auditioning for a Mel Gibson role as they tried to sprint to cover the open dunes without providing any effective return fire that was just a way of killing them slower.

Finally, seeing they were disheartened one of the squads on our team had been ordered to go blow their arty and generally harrass and blow any armour that spawned to slow the enemy advance and I spawned in on their RP as commander and helped lob a few enemies at a devastated team who couldn't figure out where it all went wrong :)

2007-06-15, 21:20
I like to think I had something to do with making the US crying like babies. I tell you, the MEC was pushed back beyond Gardens, and we still managed to turn the fight.

By the way, not one pressed Page Down - if that was the case. They all pressed PAGE UP, and laughed of their mishap.

2007-06-15, 22:10
Ive got a single sad thing about this..
IRF is currently not playing pr...

However onto the main point, Lets just say one thing.. It sounded like something I whoud not be a part of.. I dont like maps that dont have rotary winged aircrafts... Call me a whore, call me a noob, Just dont come crying when the oppfors airforce is pounding you to shit.

2007-06-15, 22:11
1 f33l liek A n00bz0rz!!111 :hissyfit:

Nice story and you actually won. I was playing Qwai today on 0.6 and altough we managed to push USMC back to the Pigfarm, we lost due the damn ticket advantage, USMC had :(

2007-06-16, 03:03
Some maps have weird "bleed". But this time, the "good" won. I bow my head. You know who you are. We where pushed so far back as MEC, it wasn't even funny. We got smacked down at main base. (not that I never got killed there, cause .. you know ... i was alive.) And thats why you lost. mwahahaaha

Not because of me, but because my mates did such a great job ... never mind. Move on. Celebrate yourself. Hurrayh!

1 f33l liek A n00bz0rz!!111 :hissyfit:

Nice story and you actually won. I was playing Qwai today on 0.6 and altough we managed to push USMC back to the Pigfarm, we lost due the damn ticket advantage, USMC had :(

Qwai Qwai Qwai! I usually say that as a motivation joke. Nobody ever gets it. I still think its the funniest thing ever.

2007-06-16, 07:20
Hell of a story.
Qwai Qwai Qwai

2007-06-16, 07:46