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2007-06-07, 10:55
As the title should say….post your tales of ‘dieing well’..or trying to
No Jihad stories please - Save them for another post.

For Queen and Country - tales from the grave

We were fighting in the forests of Mestia. Our squad had captured the rebels Eastern Bunker complex. We set up defence.
I set up location, as a one man observation post, just north of the bunker.

For 5 minutes all is mousey quite. I decide to relocate and cross the road I’d been watching... big mistake. As soon as i stepped into the open a pickup truck loaded with rebels comes belting down the road, they see me; all hell breaks loose.. both mounted machines guns light up.. I dive for cover….finding a large rock by the road. But now I’m trapped.. the rock surrounds me on 3 sides, I’m starting to bleed, the rebels are pouring fire down the road and all around my position. The pickup has stopped. I have a tiny bit of cover, but it’s just enough to cover my body.
I'm desperate.. I throw my c4 charge in front of me.....I’m already dead....now its all about how many I take with me....30 yards away i hear the pickup start to move....bullets are cracking all around me....i catch a glimpse of it…..I detonate...Kabooom

Through the death cam.. no one survived... i see numerous scattered dead rebels and one splattered Brit engineer. The whole thing was over in about 5 seconds.

Good times :p:lol:

2007-06-07, 12:47
As i went with my brothers in arms to save the Province of Helmland from the british Infidels,I did the one thing which would make me a hero besides Allah forever.
We had just secured the southernmost point,as we could hear the sound of a heavy vehicle coming towards us. I scanned our group for any RPGs,but the only brother carrying one died heroically in the charge we made to gain this post. So the only thing we could do was to get into one of the houses and set up a firing position.
The Infidel Car stopped and we could heard the usurpers spread out. We wanted to ambush them to make them pay for their lack of fear of us.But one of them must have guessed something, for a rocket flew right into one of the walls,turning it to a pile of dust,while the doctor,who had freely agreed to help our cause died by a shrapnel wound.
I regained orientation first and saw the murderer, with the weapon still in his hands. I pulled up my trustet Kalashnikov and fired away,killing him instantly with the last of my bullets. This made the other Brits flee into one of the other houses,where they started to fire back at us.
Without medical,explosives and exhausted ammunition and with lesser cover,we would not stand a chance against them.
So i laid down my old AK,for I wont have anymore use of it, and pulled out one bottle filled with the essence of righteous fireand lightened the rag stuffed into the end.I could not trust myself to hit one of the windows,and the door was on the other side.
I told my brothers to cast a rain of lead upon them to make them hide in their hole,while I started towards the house.I circled it and reached the entrance. I yelled the name of the allmighty and saw the unbelieving shiver in fear.Then i smashed the bottle down by my feet.
I felt the fire engulf me, but i would not hurt me.I felt their bullets ripping through my bottles,but they would not have an effect anymore.
My Body died,but it was old and served me well.
My spirit died,but i did not care,for it saved the life of many.

The political,religious or any other opinions appearing in the above text do not neccessarily represent those of the author (me)

Ok,i did not tell fully by the facts,but it was inspired by an actual in-game experienceI hope you like it. ;-)

2007-06-07, 13:24
I thought no jihad stories?

2007-06-07, 14:33
I thought no jihad stories?

Well,it's not neccessarily a jihad storie,at least i only sort car-Bombing stuff into the Jihad-folder.

And MadTommy had a similar plot.

And i had been seized by a inspiration-fit, so please excuse me :p

2007-06-07, 14:38
Madtommy .... I think that was me and my squad you blew up,... up near the Munitions plant ?
I was pissed because I saw you but took the time to check the minimap before firing and that gave you time set your trap.
Nice one !

2007-06-07, 15:46
yup..that was me by the Munitions plant.. i was squessed into a tiny hole in the rock.. yah u paused.. just gave me enough time..

2007-06-07, 15:54
good one Hardtman.. hehe.. we like a good old roll play story.

2007-06-07, 21:33
All right, Brit on Basrah:

The firefight had lasted for several minutes now, with the VCP taking fire from all sides. There was a constant stream of tracer flying through the air, and the shouting of men filled my radio between the cracks of gunfire. I was going to have to leave soon, so I decided to try to make a difference.

"OK, guys, I'm gonna go soon, but I'm gonna make a final stand," I told my boys. "I am Norwegian, a Viking, and I shall die a glorious death. Wish me luck, boys, for tonight I'll dine in hell!"

So I reloaded my rifle, grabbed all the ammo I could carry, and headed out of the VCP, keeping low to avoid the fire coming from both sides. With my head down, I moved towards the old, two-storey building out in the desert, where most of the AK fire was coming from. I was going to try and get as close as possible. Behind me, I could see a guy following me. Christ. Was he as stupid as I was?

I got down on my stomach and crawled forwards, keeping behind a sand dune. A burst of 5.56 above and behind me, and a line of red tracer stitched the building I was heading for. It was answered by the heavy cracks of AK-47s.

Dirt kicked up a foot from my face. Sniper! I thought and got to my knees. They had seen me now, and it was only a matter of time before that sniper would take a killing shot at me. Still kneeling, I squeezed the trigger of my rifle, firing full auto from the hip, aiming towards the insurgent positions. Click. Dead man's click. I got to my feet and legged it for the nearest sand dune. Diving behind it, I reloaded and got up again, hearing the cracks of rounds passing by. Rock 'n roll again, another mag empty. More fire from the insurgents. My ears were ringing and adrenaline kicked in big time. I ran for it again, reloading as I did so. I got to my knees, fired two short bursts, got up, ran and stopped again, before I let off another couple of bursts.

"FOR NORWAY!" I shouted as I charged ahead, stopping, firing, moving, stopping, firing, moving, reloading, stopping, firing, then moving again, heading for the nearest piece of cover. As I dived behind it, I could feel a round hitting me. I reloaded as fast as I could, for I didn't have much time left. I would not die cowering behind cover. I'd die in the way of the warrior.

Still shouting, I got to my feet, stood up, exposing myself, gun blazing. My vision was blurred, but I kept the finger on the trigger, firing from the hip, feeling the recoil force the muzzle up, then the impacts of 7.62mm bullets. I fell, knowing that I had not died as a coward, but as a man, as a warrior. That is the best way to die for a man.

2007-06-07, 22:07
LOL :lol:

2007-06-08, 00:34
Here we go :

I was deployed on a Mission named "Operation Ghost Train" in a Asian Jungle.
We had to secure the Temple.We flew there with a Merlin.At first it was peaceful , then we heard somone shout somthing in Chinese , then a Granade came flying to us , i got in cover ,the Granade exploded, alot of Squaddies were wounded, so was I, then we heard the voice again, and another nade came flying, this time i was badly injured , now i was bleeding bad, then i went up front, i felt really dizzy, i saw my fellow soldiers all getting treated by the medic , all of them were on one pile.As i went up further i saw a Soldier with a granade in his hand, i killed him, then 2 of his fellow Soldiers came up from behind him advancing to our position, aiming at them with my SUSAT, i killed both, at this time all my squaddies were treated, i saved the lives of my friends, but now i lay here, with my SA80, feeling sick, and so i died.

Hope you like it :)

2007-06-08, 17:13
All right, Brit on Basrah:

"I am Norwegian, a Viking, and I shall die a glorious death. Wish me luck, boys, for tonight I'll dine in hell!"

You mean Valhalla? ;-)

2007-06-08, 17:58
Well, I couldn't quote "300" and say Valhalla, could I now? :wink:

Otherwise, I'd have said it. :razz:

2007-06-08, 18:20
My most memorable death occured on ghost train, me and two of my teammates were driving straight down the bridge towards south bridge, bullets cracking all around, me driving and the guns manned by my mates opening up on targets, ran over one guy near the bridge, crashed into the bunker, jumped out and me and my teammates spent three minutes taking out the chinese as they counter attacked, resulting in 5 kills for me, two of which were knives during magazine changes, we died and the chinese won the map, but it was so much fun.