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Stealth Clobber
2007-05-24, 20:25
Last night on Basrah I was a civi. We all ran towards Village from the closest spawn car. I was throwing rocks wildly along the way (its fun!).

Then the Brits arrived. The Warriors stayed across the river bombarding us with the main gun, while the infantry came in. Naturally, the civilians came up expecting the British to either not shoot us, or capture us (with the knife).

Well they captured mostly, except for one guy that I rocked to death and a bunch of civis gathered around his body and kept on rocking him. :lol:

Then as we were in the main center of Village, the Apaches came. LUCKILY they stayed above 13m so it didn't lag! Unlucky for us, buildings were exploding all around me. (Destructable Buildings = ORGASMO)

I then cried out over allchat...


I got a lol from some guy on the brit team, and then this from the gunner killing everyone and probably spawning in 6 minutes by now.

"Allah will have to wait! Now it's IT'S TEA TIME!"

That was probably the funniest thing I've heard in all my time of playing PR. :lol:

Later on I joined a guy's squad, and a guy was in it named xXWOLFXx. I think he was on the PR team, I don't remember what he was though.

We were both civis, with an ambusher behind us. He told me to get out my field dressing instead of my rock, then the brits wouldn't kill or arrest me. Naturally, I followed suit.

We both approached 2 brits just outside of Village, next to a green tree by the poppy fields, and gave them field dressings. The brit in front of us gave a giant nod with his mouse, then we walked away, knowing our community service for the day was done. Then the ambusher killed both of the brits. :P

At suburb I tried the same thing, but got killed more often than not.

2007-05-24, 20:28
about what i expected.