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Long Bow
2007-05-08, 15:15
I was playing on TG last night around 9:30pm EST, PLA on Ghost Train. Our squad moved in from the south across the river to take temple as soon as possible (Sorry I don't remember SL name but he was good). The Brits were swarming all over the place. They took temple, we would take temple back, then they took it again and started to push us out of the area. The whole time I was playing Medic, I went 0-6 and could barely get close to anyone to heal or revive them. I kept getting overrun by friggin brits :p I finally said screw it, grabbed the engineer kit and brook out my boom stick! :bur2: (shotgun) I then proceded to rack up 12 shoty kills in the last half of the round! 8-) I crawled up to a whole squad on the hill NE of temple and waisted the whole squad point blank. A few more spawned in before their rally point went down and I took a guy out in a heads up battle but the best part was he had an M4! 12ga Buckshot @ CQC > M4 :lol:

It was the most fun I have had with the shotgun in game ever. Eventually our team pushed them back to tunnel and the engagement range started to be to far for the shooty but by then they were down to 30 tickets. Anyway I thought some of you shotgun fans might like this.

2007-05-09, 19:16
I never have luck with shotguns...last time I wasted all 7 buckshots to hunt down a Marine chasing my teammate in Basrah..well, eventualyl got him, when he wasted him and turned back and went proning, giving me enough time to shoot him...we need ironsights for the shottie, I hate the right-click crosshairs...

Rambo Hunter
2007-05-09, 19:19
Satnav strikes again!!
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2007-05-09, 19:49
Put dat in her' now, Devs... lol

2007-05-09, 20:45
Shotguns are fun to use in jungle maps... The British shotgun, Benelli M4, is pretty fun to use with the automatic firing :D

Long Bow
2007-05-10, 18:34
I agree the shotguns usually are garbage. But the jungle allowed me to stay close and take the advantage back. The hit box detection makes using the slugs on a moving target a bit tiering for sure :roll:

Capt. Caveman
2007-05-10, 18:52
Whot? There's your problem right there. You're trying to 'aim' a shotgun? Just point in the general vicinity and it's bye-bye stranger. This isn't trap or skeet!

2007-05-10, 18:57
The slugs blow. But I've recently found that the buckshot is pretty damn good. And yes, the brit auto-shotty is saWEET.

2007-05-10, 19:30

2007-05-11, 01:54
Shotguns in PR currently are useless, but will be much better with .6:-)