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2007-05-05, 16:58
Mine was a couple of days ago on albasrah....I was an insurgent and was hanging around facility. I heard an m95 at south vcp and decided to hunt down and knife the sucker. i run to south vcp and find him shooting on one of the rooftops. i pull out my knife but all of a sudden, i think:"how can i make this the most humiliating knife kill ever?" So i type on the global chat: "m95, im going to knife you..." about three seconds later he turns around suddenly and is impaled on my knife.
what is your best knife kill ever?

2007-05-05, 18:08
Devfile 24/7 AL Basrah, RPG Gunner. I just got done finishing off a hovering Cobra when I realized I had no more rockets. So I hear M16's going of a facility and decided to do a Banzai assault on the invaders for kicks and giggles. I get to the little alleyway that leads into the facility building and I notice three USMC with their backs all turned to me fire at something (probably a teammate.) Figuring that the pistol would make noise, alert them to my presence, and fail to kill anything I switched to the knife. Got the multikill though the third guy noticed me (too late), picked up the support weapon one of the USMC dropped and cleared out the rest of facility. This is why you should always have someone keeping an eye on your flank.

Same server, different time. I get up behind a guy with the M95 and I type 'Ooooo, I'm going to get a M95'
He replies 'Try it :P'
My reply 'Knife to the head!', did just that and grabbed his M95... I died about a minute later from another sniper though.

2007-05-05, 19:40
Damn snipers never have escort with them...would be cool to knife both, so one insurgent can get the M95 and the other can be his spotter...same role, diff team :p

I only had knife kills in vanilla, pretty easy, just use 10% of PR experience to sneak and flank, and youre sitting on some sliced bastards ;)

I remember chasing a sniper with my squad, then having my SL pick it up. After some time, he got killed, I picked up the M95, killed some lone wolfs and a squad, that actually had a plan - sneak from South and probably set a RP at the South VCP...killed them all, hehe...I actually killed another M95 sniper with M95, lol..

2007-05-05, 19:52
My knife kills are just ordinary ones :(

2007-05-05, 20:14
I was out of ammo on Muttrah, so, for fun I run around with my knife out, and managed to kill two people beside each other before a third got me.

2007-05-05, 20:59
My best knife kill was in Sunset City, as a Chinese H-AT. I was at Construction, supporting troops at temple. Even though I took out APCs and tanks that tried to approach temple, it still got overrun. At some point I realized that the USMC are probably assaulting construction site already, so I pull out my pistol, and I go downstairs. I saw two USMC guys, one crouching, and one prone, next to each other, by the east wall, looking at the temple. I run, full sprint, to the medic, pull out my knife, and stab him in the back. The other guy didn't notice ANYTHING. He ran north soon afterwards, chasing after I don't know what, while I hit a bit of framelag over the medic's body. I followed him when it cleared up, with my pistol out. He turned around and ran back towards my position, and I actually managed to take him out with usighted pistol before he had a chance to shoot.

2007-05-05, 21:28
lol just now on steel thundah.. a USMC dude just walked right past me (about 1 foot lol) i was like ''wtf?'' then he turned his back at me and started shooting at his own men (another ''wtf?'' moment...) so i stabbed him in the ass lol

Army Musician
2007-05-05, 21:55
mine has to be Playing BF1942/DC. I was on a roof picking people off with my sniper rifle. Then I heard someone comming up the stairs, he was about to knife me, however, I turned round and knifed him

Blackhawk 5
2007-05-05, 21:58
I was knifing randomly on the carrier when all of a sudden a whole entire squad walks in front of me and i got 6 easy kills... jk :p

2007-05-05, 21:59
Most of my knife kills are usually when I run out of ammo. If I run out of ammo, my first instinct is to get my knife...run...dive...and knife him in the crouch.

Works most of the time ;)

I'd say about 60% of my knife attempts are usually knife kills..I was actually trained by one of the best knifers in BF2 after I saw youtube video.

Hehe, I feel like Rambo being trained by that general.

2007-05-05, 23:04
I wonder... Anyone have any interesting shock paddle kills?

2007-05-06, 00:30
I wonder... Anyone have any interesting shock paddle kills?

I think I accidentally killed a guy when he popped out around a corner in Sunset City when I had my paddles out to revive a squad mate around that corner. He ran around the corner, I instinctively left clicked, and he died.... I'm not sure if I killed him or not because I was told that paddle kills aren't possible in PR :confused:

2007-05-06, 01:18
I'm pretty sure they are possible. I was in a server with just one other guy, and as we were messing about, I shocked him with the shock paddles. He died right there on the spot. I was surprised, because I assumed that shock paddle kills were impossible.

2007-05-06, 03:39
Join my insurgent squad on basrah.

KNIFE squad lol. We basically suicide charge all 6 guys, and usually we get 1 guy knifed to 2 losses.

The best knife kills i get is when a usmc guy sees us, wastes all his ammo, reloads, and gets stabbed in the face.

2007-05-06, 04:26
ill do it with you!

2007-05-06, 08:54
One of my more excellent knife kills was on Mao Valley, enemy sniper (US) was on the hill overlooking village and picking my teammates off. So i ran towards shrine, took a right at the end and climbed up the hill. Started running to the sniper and when i was near him i stood still for a moment, then run a bit again to see if he would notice me.. No reaction at all. So i run to the guy, and told my team not to kill him... So i waited and waited and waited... And yes! there pops his name up.. So i typed his name and said, look behind you. And when he turned around my knife got him.. :D
He wasnt as amused as i was :D.
So i take his kit provide some cover fire for my team, and then i hear footsteps running towards me... I turned around and switched to pistol and shot a couple of rounds.. Must be my quickest pistol kill ever... And then i see some typing appear.. It was the same guy i knifed that tryed to backstab me... And he was saying that i somehow cheated... Ya right the headset cheat that is... He wasnt amused tho..

2007-05-06, 09:05
Ones i can remember are:

While chinese, Jummped into the back of a landing Merlin and knifed a total of 7 people inside it, some in mid flight(this was including the pilot) which i managed to survive without a parachute as I landed in the river8-)
Now thats badass.

Running at a tank and dodging its co-axle and HE round, jumpped on top and since it was imoblised, the idiot got on the 50cal on top so i knifed him, therfore i took out a tank with a K-BAR.


2007-05-06, 11:26
I was playing the River Qwai, and we were the USMC. We were assaulting the fishing village, and I had my entire squad throw nades in before attacking. After we did this, we went in. The only person left on the Chinese team was a lone medic in the tall grass. As my team was capping the flag, I was following the medic. As he was reviving I was right behind him knifing everyone he revived. After knifing 5 people, the medic, still crouched was, didnt know what to do. I then stayed there until he got up and ran off. I then chased him down to his sqauds rally point and "shot" him. I then realized I had no nades left to destroy thier RP, and just camped there until back-up could come. I shot about 1 1/2 mags into it and had NO AMMO left in both my pistol and rifle. I then went on knifing frantically as there entire squad spawn in. All in All, I think I had about 11 knife kills in 3 min. Then they shot me and pumped about 50 lbs of lead into my corpse. I guess I would have done the same.

2007-05-06, 11:48
Join my insurgent squad on basrah.

KNIFE squad lol. We basically suicide charge all 6 guys, and usually we get 1 guy knifed to 2 losses.

The best knife kills i get is when a usmc guy sees us, wastes all his ammo, reloads, and gets stabbed in the face.

Yeah, damn you. I was on the receiving end of that alot last night on DevFile.

Stage 1 = Helping my new friend into PR
Stage 2 = Stabbing said friend in the face repeatibly

2007-05-06, 14:18
If you're a sniper, and just got knifed, simply go back and do the same thing.
No one bothers to change roof.

If you just knifed a sniper , aim at the stairs and you'll get a kill with in 45 seconds. Then move roof.

2007-05-07, 08:12
I was on Al Basrah the other day, and was spotting targets - (As USMC), from a really good bit of cover overlooking facility, after around 30 mins of this, someone snuck up behind me and took me out silently with a knife ......... Good knife kill whoever it was :-)

2007-05-07, 13:05
Some time back now... but this thread reminded me..

Reports came in of enemy near South Island. I set out to see for myself.

When i arrived at South Island all seemed quite, a bit too quite. As i sneaked around the buildings looking for hidden threats to my disgust i came across one of my fallen comrades.


I could not find his head anywhere.

As i was looking for his head and recording the terrible scene, a sneaky little knife wielding maniac came up behind me a chopped my head off as well!

(man i laughed at my stupidity -- there’s a time for screen shots!)

edit: i reckon he found the sword in the river!

Long Bow
2007-05-08, 15:59
Its very rare for me to use the knife but I had a good fight recently. It was on Steel Thunder I think (PLA vs US in the forest). We had our spawn at the bottom of the hill down by the river (living in a van down by the river!!:lol: ) A US squad figured out the rally was there and started raining down on us from the ridge above. I managed to sneak up the hill and I crouch ->fire ->prone (I was close enough that the grass actually hid me). I managed to take out a few of them and they couldn't find me. I kept creaping closer and closer while they would respawn on their SL. Finally I got right up to the SL and his last man. They were to afraid to move at this point and I crawled in with the knife out and got the first guy. The last guy was watching all this but I don't think he realized what was happening becuase he just rotated to look at me about the time my knife barried itself in his face 8-)

Aftermath me taking down a whole squad with nothing but iron sights and a knife.:grin:

2007-05-15, 15:59
Playing op. ghost train as brit and i was sitting on the hill north of tunnel not really moving much. I think it was nightwolf who came up behind me and tried to shock paddle me but he missed, i got a fright and swung my rifle around and hit him once in the leg. He then ran off healing himself while i was spinning round in circles trying to hit him. I finally found him about 3 seconds later prone healing himself so i knifed him...........i couldn't shoot him cause he tried to shock paddle me, you have to play by the rules of war you know!

2007-05-20, 00:03
I knife 5 guys with my squad leader on the hotel on basrah, I take the saw, He takes the m14, My buddy gets an m24, and my other squadmate gets an american rifleman kit, We stay on the roof sniping anyone trying to cap msoque and/or suburb.

2007-05-20, 05:03
On Muttrah MEC rifleman on roof above market, I snuck up on him, knife at the ready got next to him and stabebed... It was funny cos I somohow manage to miss him ended up stabbing 5 times as he span round and round whilst prone.

2007-05-25, 23:13
Not more than 10 min ago...

On muttrah, I was the MEC spec ops, americans were attacking mosque. I decided to go around near docks and flank them. Along the way I see 2 guys run across the street a ways down the road, and decide to follow. I turn the corner and they get up from the proned position on the corner east corner of the mosque and start running west, me chasing them with a knife all the way. They passed up a medic, who I stabbed, then I continued along. They stoped to take cover, stabbed them both, ran a little more, stabbed a medic and the guy he was healing.

Thats not counting the other 3 knife kills I got during that game. It was awesome :D

And remember.. always watch your flank. Ive had many attempted shankings go bad when they simply turn around to check their flank.

2007-05-27, 14:49
cant remember the server name, map was Ejod
saw a lone wolf with a sniper kit

ran round the back of hime took out my knife lay right nex to him,

i then spammed okay he obvously heard it so he turne round with his sniper rifle in hand, but the cant fire unless proned i shout enemy sniper spotted and knifed him inthe face.
2 mins later got killed by an enemy squad.

Thors brigade:

with BCST

ryan, nick and Alphyr
made a knife squad smoked out the flag and ran in eleminated a whole squad (one with a support kit :P)
then tea bagged lol

2007-06-14, 09:28
When i knifed this Brit outside his Checkpoint i think it was the happiest day of his life.


not the best knife kill ever..but a nice smile.

2007-06-14, 09:47
LOL ^^

2007-06-14, 13:55
i am in the conflict 2142 mod....

so, we were playing around....
threw a smoke, and a demopack just to be sure, went into the smoke... tk'ed 5 guys....

i found myself surrounded..... thought "oh shit"

pulled out demo pack, placed last 3 packs down, cloaked.....

ran like hell, killed 10 more guys with the demopack

2007-06-14, 14:41
Best knife kills are when BLIND calls "Knife Charge!", and the whole squad goes to knives only. Alternatively when the "Siren" goes off at the end of the round which means go to knife.... and finish the round hand-to-hand.

Or.. When we have Knives-vs. Regular enemies with guns on a public server and someone shouts on the global chat.OMG! there are a lot of knife kills on this server! and we just say.. Sorry.. we are training.

Some of the lads like Squidy and Rank & Blind get 2:1 Kd ratios only with knives against small-arms!

2007-06-14, 16:14
i am in the conflict 2142 mod....

so, we were playing around....
threw a smoke, and a demopack just to be sure, went into the smoke... tk'ed 5 guys....

i found myself surrounded..... thought "oh shit"

pulled out demo pack, placed last 3 packs down, cloaked.....

ran like hell, killed 10 more guys with the demopack

wtf is this random stuff...where was your knife?

Red Halibut
2007-06-14, 16:20
I have never killed anyone with a knife.

...oh! you mean in PR?

Well, I have done the sniper thing before, and yes I always move roof. Generally I move to a spot overlooking the previous one. ;)

2007-06-14, 23:18
I knifed 3 guys at facility on al basrah once. They were inside the main building covering the 2 exits so i ran up the side ramp and jumped down into the courtyard bit.

Knifed the guy watching the back entrance, then knifed a second guy who came round the corner behind me. Ran inside the building to find two more watching the front entrance, thought i mayaswell keep knifing, so shanked one in the back, then the other one turned around and shot me. All the commotion was followed by a classic "PWWWWWWWWNEEEEDD!!!11!!1!" in chat. No response from them though, probably too ashamed! :lol:

2007-06-14, 23:20
Oh and just thought i'd add in my most ballsed up attempt to knife someone. There was a sniper on top of that massive hill on that brit vs china jungle map cant remember the name.

So i ran up the side of the hill pulled my knifed out only to over shoot him and slip downt he side of the hill, i pulled my rifle out and sprayed and prayed at him till i splatted on the floor below.

Was so pissed off i didnt just shoot him :p

2007-06-15, 22:55
Today, I was playing on Mestia as a sapper and defending west tower. I was in the east bunker (and by that time both were blown up), with a bunch of teammates who were firing south, at advancing enemy. Suddenly, I notice a Brit coming in from the east, less than 20 meters away. Without going to ironsights, I squeeze off a couple of shots and dive down for cover, realizing that I just heard the click of an empty mag. I then realized that I was out of spare mags as well. So, I decided to do the next tactically sound thing, and pulled out my knife, got up, leaped over the ruined bunker wall, and ran at the Brit with my knife. Fortunately, I caught him next to the bunker wall, trying to heal himself with a field dressing, so I promptly stabbed him in the face. Maybe the kill itself wasn't all that cool, but charging into combat with nothing but a knife was either stupid or incredibly cool of me.

2007-06-16, 01:59
I was a british medic and I was at south VCP. I saw an enemy ambusher ahead of me and then found that I needed to reload. He fired 4 shotguns shots at me, and even though three of them hit, I still managed to knife him.

2007-06-16, 02:49
I was the last man left on my team at Mestia, with the British capping all of the flags. I was hiding in the woods outside of the Rebel Base, which was full of insurgents. After hiding for about a minute or so I decided to die in glory (as a Spartan should). I shouted "THIS IS SPARTAA!", rushed towards the Rebel Base, and wasted a bunch of Brits with my SKS. I took cover, reloaded, and rushed again. I was dropping Brits like mad, headshot after headshot. After one more reload and rush, I was finally taken down by the British forces. The stats screen showed me that I had killed 15 Brits in my rampage, all by myself.

2007-06-18, 03:11
As US on Sunset City.

Trying to secure flag at market, I was underneath the "house of pain" or "McDonalds" when an Nanjiing filled to the brim tried to run me over. The split second before it hit me, I jumped behind a pillar. They all exited the car. I shot 4 of them, and when I no longer had any more bullits, in desperation I pulled out the knife and finished the last 2.

When my SL demanded a situation report, I was so shaken up I could barely say "area secure".

2007-06-19, 13:32
I have terrible luck with knives. For some reason, possibly lag, I take swipes and miss. Then I panic and go into a stabbing frenzy or die trying :)

I got knifed yday actually as was first time I played in ages and couldn't switch weapons whilst reloading my rifle :(

Collado - can you post the youtube vid on the knifing? If you remember the name I can just search it myself.

2007-06-19, 15:41
crap, forgot to add in the end for that story....

well, another PR Story...

this is in 0.5 b/c i am a lazy ass and have not updated to the newest release....


me and my buddys decided to charge a squad of guys firing at the blackhawk, a few other guys joined us... so we went in, sadly, the blackhawk decided to fly overhead, having all the insurgents turn around and look at us.... we continued to run...

so they shot down everyone except for me... i couldnt reive em b/c i was a piolt, my a-10 was downed by the same group, they thought i died...

so they said to me [in the chat to everyone] "you can run, or you can die"

here is what i did...
1.) Pulled out a smoke grenade
2.) Threw it on the ground, swiched to knife fast...
3.) Ran into the middle of the squad...
4.) Knife away

it was a valiant effort, out of the 6 guys, i got 2 kills.. but got shot as the guys were spraying the area.... they backed out of the smoke as i wouldnt have cover...

they ended up killing themselves... they all were hit a good few times.. either died instantly, or died from the wounds...

i laughed so hard

2007-06-20, 07:20
Wait... How did you find some one with an M95 on PR? I didnt know they had unlocks.