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2004-08-13, 06:51
Our affiliate http://www.bf2-central.com have posted the latest interview on the net concerning BF2, here is an excerpt:

"[BF2-C]: On the matter of the destructable enviroment, are the destroyed areas repairable, or do they stay destroyed for the entire round?

[Sean]: Depends on what's destroyed. Right now we have both strategic objects and ambient objects. Ambient objects will not be repairable...but strategic objects can be repaired...which affects the gameplay."

Here is the rest (http://www.dc-central.com/bf2/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=69)

2004-08-13, 07:10
I really like the idea of the "strategic objects" being repairable..quite a few possibilities with that.

2004-08-13, 07:15
Yup same here, I'm also awaiting this (still mystery) New Gameplay Mode.

Black Beret
2004-08-13, 07:15
Sounds good.

Ugly Duck
2004-08-13, 16:01
Well if the release is for may... when would the demo be?

2004-08-14, 19:44
Release is March 5th 2005. I would assume we'd get a demo shortly after newyears. I'll keep everyone updated on that public beta testing that I asked about.

2004-08-14, 20:02
I thought beginning of Feb, that was the latest info after that March 5th info.

2004-08-14, 21:48
Hint at the new gameplay mode: Push.

2004-08-14, 21:50
Ah! Adding the ole Trauma formula into the equation.

I am somewhat baffeld at why Dice, would have the capability with a next gen engine (other than possible lagg issues) such as BF2 and not add dynamic weather effects. It seems odd, as this will be the last (I think) of the next gen engines to come out on the market for the foreseeable future, and why it wouldn't be the best of all of them. Thats kind of like bringing out a PS2 consol after the X-box which is better in all hardware respects...