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2007-05-02, 00:47
I was in a game on Al Basrah last weekend so I start commanding for the USMC and get the ENTIRE TEAM to attack village. they had all kinds of air support, APCs, a tank, and a few humvees. The entire round they were attacking a bunch of infantry and couldn't cap it. Finally (not to sound noobish here) I got fed up and switched teams. and of course as soon as i spawn is when they decide to start capping. So the entire rest of the round was defending while they capped 2 more CPs. In the end we won but it was retarded.

on a different note, in that same game my SL had me and an AA guy sit in some ttrees waiting to ambush an unsuspecting BH. when it comes, the AA guy nails it and it is badly damaged. It lands, drops off its load and we move in for the kill. Unfortunately, they got the jump on us and we got killed after all that effort :p

2007-05-02, 03:38
Yeah in Al Basrah the USMC guys are usually too busy playing with their toys or waiting for their toys to respawn.