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2007-04-22, 02:09
Whether you're flying a blackhawk a littlebird a merlin or a Z8 there's usually alot of stress involved especially when you've been ferrying troops for 8+ minutes non-stop. here are some tips that can help preserve your pilots sanity.

Don't be afraid to tell you're pilot where to drop him off (unless it's a very unrealistic request like inside a warehouse of in the enemies base)
when you get a bail out signal get out, every second the pilot is on the ground the likelihood of an RPG zooming towards the aircraft increases by huge amount.
if the pilot is hovering 3-4 ft above the ground don't wait for him to land you won't get hurt.
if you stand next to a hovering aircraft and he moves don't punish him for your mistake, it really does add alot of stress when you are being shot at, have 6 people depending on you and then see "you were punished for a teamkill" pop up
A pilot loves nothing more than a "hey thanks" or a complement.
don't go idle in a chopper it's really annoying to wait in a hot landing zone for someone to get out and after 15 seconds when you're a smoldering pile of twisted metal and jet fuel to see "sorry i was AFK" pop up.
if you're on a gun don't be afraid to critique the pilots flying skills, most of the time they'll listen.
but if you only remember one of these tips remember this: in combat insertions the most important rule is to "GET THE F*CK OUT OF MY HELO BEFORE I GET CLIPPED BY A F*CKING RPG"

I hope this helps pilots focus on flying rather than trying to control the kids in the back seat of their minivan, i mean blackhawk (whats the difference?)

remember a transport helo that's not ferrying troops is not an effective helo.
thanks to all of the passengers brightened my day and gone on to fight on the field. ;-)

2007-04-22, 02:21
If the LZ is hot, then simply fly away if the passengers are too afraid to go outside (or AFK). Waiting for them for 5 minutes might be a bad idea.

Also, sometimes pilots don't realize what kind of a drop it is below them. This is especially true when attempting to drop people off at hillsides while hovering. People in the doors, looking outside might be in a better position to make the call, so don't push them out and break their legs :P

2007-04-22, 03:19
A note here on the getting out 3-4ft above ground (for the pilot):
Find an object, decide its height, and how far up is 5ft. Hover your helicopter there for no more than 5 seconds on an infil.
BTW, if you're a passenger and don't want to get out because the LZ's too hot, make sure you use the commo rose command "Go, Go, Go" to let the pilot know you ain't getting out.

2007-04-22, 07:05
Man you forgot the one that sends me totaly crazy as a pilot....


It drives me nuts when my minigunners start firing off because they like the flamin noise or something!

Army Musician
2007-04-22, 08:07
that give me an idea, would it be possible for the pilot (or co-pilot) of a transport chopper being able to lower a rope so the soldiers can climb up

2007-04-22, 08:09
that give me an idea, would it be possible for the pilot (or co-pilot) of a transport chopper being able to lower a rope so the soldiers can climb up

Oh god.. you must be the "first" to wonder this! Great idea, it hasnt been talked "at all"........ Impossible to do.

2007-04-22, 08:40
and for the love of god


i'm sick and tired of people staying in and shooting
please shoot and kick up a fuss when we are landing but get the hell out of the chopper and fight for the flags.

comments like
'hey pilot can we go on a gun run'
'your moving to fast i cant hit anything'

really, really do my head in