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2004-08-12, 08:50
http://reality.dc-nc.com/images/thumbrope.jpg http://reality.dc-nc.com/images/thumbhumvee.jpg http://reality.dc-nc.com/images/thumbakshooting.jpg

You will find the full-sized images here (Gamespot) (http://www.gamespot.com/pc/action/battlefield2/screenindex.html). They have just been released yet look a little outdated.

Black Beret
2004-08-12, 08:58
Heh, that's Basrah's Edge.

2004-08-12, 09:00
Black Beret]Heh, that's Basrah's Edge.
IMHO, this was taken from DC/BF1942. Their coding was just further then we assumed back then. They kept these goodies, and capitalized on them. Now, they are working on BF2. Smart move Trauma Studios.

Black Beret
2004-08-12, 09:02
I was implying that it was a screenshot of Basrah's Edge in Desert Combat.

I've seen it before, anyway. And another one of the same game.

2004-08-12, 09:06
I know, I'm just saying it doesn't look like Basrah put into BF2, but still coded in the old engine.

Black Beret
2004-08-12, 09:13
Yeah, that's what's so interesting.

It's like DICE gave Trauma Studios the ability to add a lot more to Desert Combat. But the problem was, if they wanted to continue working with EA and DICE, Desert Combat would be forced to end.

But I think I'll enjoy BF2 a lot more than I did with DC.

Ugly Duck
2004-08-12, 15:08
I will enjoy the REALSIM mod for BF2 more than DC.. but BF2 just seems silly sometimes.

2004-08-12, 16:20
I would have to say that the fast roping screenie was capable by Trauma only after they got their hands on an SDk while signing with Dice. Like Trauma/Dice/EA said, Trauma is the test bed group for new ideas/methods, and 'internals' of games like BF2.

2004-08-12, 17:15
Interesting. very interesting. I'm going to closely examine these three screenshots.

2004-08-12, 17:42
Interesting. very interesting. I'm going to closely examine these three screenshots.

Since the rope-shot looks like BF1942, I think you can assume it will be different/better in BF2.

2004-08-12, 17:45
Well, it'll most definitely be different, and likely better. I've noticed in the screenshots that the soldiers are not using any special animation for the rope itself, in BF2 we can assume they will have one, since they're not working with a piecemeal mod, they're working with a full fledged game.

2004-08-12, 17:56
*edit* :? ..................

2004-08-13, 21:36
Not only is that a DC map, thats the DC blackhawk, and the DC littlebird, they are both quite distinctive

Cpt. Sniper
2004-08-14, 17:17
delisef posted that those were research & development screenshots for BF2 and stuff.