View Full Version : once in a lifetime

2007-04-11, 21:43
playing on thors brigade al Basrah and a cobra was hovering above south VCP nailing facility think it was yesterday might of been monday tho.

me and JM40 were on a suicide run destination airport with me in the sunroof catchin the rays^^ :p

we passed underneath the cobra as a blue guy fired his rpg,the cobra got hit in the tail and I then fired from the moving car and finished it of

remember that this was driving full speed past the stationary cobra :-)

Jm40 can back me up if you want SS or it didnt happen
and probilly the blus guys round facility can if they read this

2007-04-12, 08:12
Right on the money, baby! Right on the money!

I was there.

It was poetry.

- JM40.