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2007-04-08, 07:30
[18:00] <DesertFox-> I killed about 6 ammo dumps
[18:00] <DesertFox-> 4 spawncars
[18:00] <DesertFox-> After that I was at industry
[18:00] <DesertFox-> the A-10 just about starfes me so I type "A-10 HOLD YOUR FIRE AT INDUSTRY FRIENDLYS IN THE AREA"
[18:00] <DesertFox-> 2 minutes later
[18:00] <DesertFox-> he strafes it
[18:00] <DesertFox-> killing the ammo dump that I needed to take out the tank
[18:00] <dementt> :P
[18:01] <DesertFox-> Thats just where it beings though
[18:01] <DesertFox-> begins*
[18:01] <dementt> own fault, pubbing is dangerous thing in these days ^^
[18:01] <dementt> oh there is more?
[18:01] <dementt> kewl
[18:01] <DesertFox-> oh hell
[18:01] <DesertFox-> there is tons more
[18:01] <DesertFox-> I call for an extraction at G4
[18:01] <DesertFox-> nothing...
[18:01] <DesertFox-> 2 minutes later
[18:01] <DesertFox-> I call for it again
[18:01] <DesertFox-> Hey a Humvee!
[18:01] <DesertFox-> WERE RESCUED!!!!!!
[18:01] <DesertFox-> *Humvee drives by*
[18:01] <DesertFox-> WTF!
[18:01] <dementt> :D
[18:01] <DesertFox-> Call for an extraction
[18:01] <DesertFox-> A guy comes!
[18:01] <DesertFox-> ITS A MIRACLE
[18:02] <DesertFox-> We fly to E-7 (Just south of south vcp)
[18:02] <DesertFox-> Its me and another guy, we do a bounding overwatch and take one of the buildings
[18:02] <DesertFox-> We go out and see a downed pilot
[18:02] <DesertFox-> The guy who extracted us earlier
[18:02] <DesertFox-> so I do what ever proper team player would do
[18:03] <DesertFox-> We escorted him down one of the areas with the most enemy
[18:03] <DesertFox-> but im shot and my squad-mate is shot
[18:03] <DesertFox-> so we put down our bandages but it doesnt stop it
[18:03] <DesertFox-> We see a APC
[18:03] <DesertFox-> WE ARE SAVED
[18:03] <DesertFox-> Go up to the APC
[18:03] <DesertFox-> The APC drivers away
[18:03] <DesertFox-> WTF!
[18:03] <DesertFox-> We chase him
[18:03] <DesertFox-> We get 1 bandage before he takes off again
[18:03] <DesertFox-> by the time we catch him again,t he bandage has worn off
[18:03] <DesertFox-> FINALLY we get another bandage
[18:03] <DesertFox-> again he takes off
[18:04] <DesertFox-> So we still have the pilot
[18:04] <DesertFox-> and my squad-mate
[18:04] <DesertFox-> along with another spec ops who tagged along
[18:04] <DesertFox-> We get to NORTH VCP
[18:04] <DesertFox-> and a supply truck
[18:04] <DesertFox-> with no one in it
[18:04] <DesertFox-> so we can finally re-arm our bandages without some asshole driving off!
[18:04] <DesertFox-> We wait for a APC to take him back but it doesnt spawn
[18:04] <DesertFox-> so I decide to get into the supply truck for no apparent reason
[18:05] <DesertFox-> BUT IT WONT LET ME GET OUT
[18:05] <DesertFox-> So I suicide
[18:05] <DesertFox-> just as I suicide a humvee comes out of the distance
[18:05] <DesertFox-> I respawn and get the M95
[18:05] <DesertFox-> the humvee arrives
[18:05] <DesertFox-> the pilot jumps out while th ehumvee is moving
[18:05] <DesertFox-> so now the pilot is dead after all that
[18:06] <DesertFox-> I get into the humvee we go to north VCP
[18:06] <DesertFox-> I snipe with my squad-mate as a spotter
[18:06] <DesertFox-> we see nothing so we move up
[18:06] <DesertFox-> I call out enemys
[18:06] <DesertFox-> he gets me the range
[18:06] <DesertFox-> I kill them
[18:06] <DesertFox-> (Awesome teamwork moment :D)
[18:06] <DesertFox-> after about 5 times
[18:06] <DesertFox-> we move up and die
[18:07] <DesertFox-> I spawn back
[18:07] <DesertFox-> like 5 minutes we die
[18:07] <DesertFox-> I spawn back
[18:08] <DesertFox-> am waiting for a humvee and see the cobra
[18:08] <DesertFox-> I run to the cobra
[18:08] <DesertFox-> this guy is like half ramming it
[18:08] <DesertFox-> I decide to kick him... but just as I am about to kick enter he stops
[18:08] <DesertFox-> so I dont kick him
[18:08] <DesertFox-> I get in
[18:08] <DesertFox-> my gunner gets in
[18:08] <DesertFox-> he rams it and I end up getting a TK
[18:08] <DesertFox-> so now I cant fly because the fucker punished or w/e
[18:08] <DesertFox-> Thats when I left
[18:08] <DesertFox-> needless to say
[18:08] <DesertFox-> hes banned for life from devfile

Yeah I didnt feel like typing it out, so read it IRC style :D

2007-04-08, 07:34
lol sometimes you just have to step away from the PC before you punch it.
Bloody APC drivers who use it as their personal taxi...

2007-04-08, 15:00
Shouldn't this be in the Noob thread!?