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2007-04-05, 03:34
It was a clear crisp day on the river Qwai. I was on the TG server(like normal) and was USMC. I had a squad full of exceptional people that followed orders EXTREMELY well. Well after a really tough battle over estate we finally captured it and secured it. After alot of little scrimmages we still held on. Then I heard a sound


I said to my guys,

"Please tell me that aint a chopper"

They replied,

"Nope...there are two of them"

One was landing north west of the estate in the fields and the other one was circling over head giving them fire cover...I then sprung into action giving frantic orders to hold. Luckily I remembered I assigned somebody in my squad a H-AT kit. I told him to shoot the one landing in the fields. Before I knew hit I heard the massive rocket exit the tube and was on a collision course for the landing chopper...


"Nice shot" I replied...but excitment turned into dread when I realized that I didnt hear the machine gun in the second chopper anymore. I asked my guys,

"Im I the only one on the top floor?"

Before I got an answer I knew what was going down...They tried to pull the old "roof insertion" on me. As adrenalin poured through my already soaked vains...I knew that I was to fend them off myself.

I quickly ran up the stairs clueless to what I was going to do, scrolling my mouse to find something. Then I came across it...2 slams that were calling my name. I got to the top of the stairs and there I was face-to-face with the chopper. I looked the pilot directly in the eye and placed those slam right in the cockpit window right in front of him. I dont know what he was thinking but I can only guess what his reply was...


Amidst all this chaos, his passangers got off the chopper and ran right past me not knowing what has just happened. They ran downstairs only to find my squad waiting for them with bullets with their name on it. 2 seconds later my squad reports back..."All Clear"..

I said..."Listen for the booms".

Not one second after I said that you heard in the faint distant..."BOOM....BOOM!"

Laughter soon broke out.

I thought I would share this with all of you guys since you made this wonderful mod.

2007-04-05, 03:37
dude you should write some books

2007-04-05, 04:00

Blackhawk 5
2007-04-05, 04:34

2007-04-05, 04:57
:lol: I loved it! "His only reply was touce" awesome, closest Ive gotten to that is Jihading a BH.

2007-04-05, 08:36
hahaha nice

2007-04-05, 09:09
@Dirtboy: Your story actually made me want to read more and more. It was great, and the touché part made my day :)

Just great.


2007-04-05, 09:44
Awesome read :)

This makes me want to play NOW!!! but I'm at work :(

2007-04-05, 11:15
nice story!
we want more Dirtboy :D

2007-04-05, 11:48
nice story..i want to play now as well...

Expendable Grunt
2007-04-06, 03:40
Nice work.

2007-04-10, 02:57
DAMMIT...I need my rig here NOW...I am having PRM withdrawls;)