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2007-04-02, 04:51
I was in Devfile Al Basrah playing and I kept hearing a UH60 getting closer, then fading out, then coming closer and then fading out. So I looked up and this is what I saw:


I lol'd outloud when I saw it. He wrote on the chat "Woo cant touch this!" when people were trying to shoot him down and then a few minutes after Desertfox kicked him.

2007-04-02, 07:55
I get an error "500" something...

But I know what your trying to say... Some guy goes in a loop a mach 1.5 for as long a possible. :-P I frapsed that tonight as well, but it was when there were no admins. It was hilarious.

2007-04-02, 08:10
500 Internal Server Error

Sorry, something went wrong.

No shit?

2007-04-02, 10:19
Nice distraction for insurgents ^^

2007-04-02, 11:59
It really was, I was on a roof with my squad trying to shoot him down, spent like 10 RPG shots on me because by the time he was in the scope it was too late to shoot. Then the A-10 strafed us.

2007-04-02, 12:12
it aint that hard to do, was fun as hell to do stuff like that with the old LBs in 0.3 :D

2007-04-02, 14:51
and 0.4

2007-04-02, 15:00
0.4 it was still possible, as it is now but it was much better IMO in 0.3 :D

2007-04-02, 15:11
I don't have a video, but this guy in the GunzLB span around the gas station on muttrah firing rockets at it.

2007-04-02, 16:24
fools like that should be kicked... not exactly what i would call a teamplayer.

Good work desertfox for doing just that.
Just more grail food though, but if i was playing USMC i wouldn't thank idiots like this for forgetting about the team.

2007-04-02, 16:39
I actually thought it was quite funny. After all, its a 24/7 server, what do you expect?

Blackhawk 5
2007-04-02, 16:47
Hey! I do that sometimes

2007-04-02, 17:37
I like doing that when i'm waiting for a game to start. Doing flips in a Littlebird is fun too.

2007-04-02, 18:34
ahh.. I remember the old days as SL in .4.. Get an LB over Muttrah and then make every possible stunt whil working as a spwnpoint for spec ops to jump down into the battle :D

2007-04-02, 23:03
lol good one

Blackhawk 5
2007-04-02, 23:05
connec+ion problems kill


exep+ me i survived +ha+ one

2007-04-03, 02:25
Reminded me of my old BF1942 antics and what not. Check it lol, I'm =SiA=Soulja


It was fun back in tha day when you didn't have to give a shit about anything and had time to do this kinda stuff lol

2007-04-03, 02:31
I was there when it happened, it was funny but it's annoying after a while when a team's Blackhawk is being wasted.

2007-04-03, 03:05
Maby if there was a guy gunning it, it might just have been somewhat effective? Run outta ammo in 1 minigun then just switch sides =)