View Full Version : [AAR] forklifted

2007-03-31, 12:36
maybe not the first one, but it was awesome.

out of the airport all the way right into facility where i hunted down this insug veteran with the bold rusty fastriding deadly forklifter, yeah

2007-03-31, 15:55
Lol its great when you in this huge firefight and then all of a sudden you see this forklift coming down the road, and your like what the fuck??

Blackhawk 5
2007-03-31, 16:54
Yeah i its funny seeing forklifts in Al basra or muttrah. I once was in the forlift drivinng in muttrah when i was terribly ambushed but managed to lived. I bet the thoughts on the MEC were "WTF"

2007-03-31, 19:10
I like forklifts and bikes:p I always ride the bike through a firefight, trying to do handbrake turns and all:p

Expendable Grunt
2007-03-31, 19:38
I can't stand the bikes, the view is weird and angled downwards too much for me, but I love forklifts :)

2007-03-31, 22:16
I can't stand the bikes, the view is weird and angled downwards too much for me
I had an experience once on Basrah where I was on the insurgent side and I came across a forklift sitting at North VCP, so I strapped some C4 on it and went for a drive. I ended up taking out an apc with it :smile:

2010-04-09, 21:47
I realize this thread is pretty old. But I would LOVE to see the forklifts and cars added back to Mutrah. They provide great transportation and fitted in amazingly in the docks area.

2010-04-11, 09:41
I guess I joined PR too late to experience the forklifts. I was reading this going "WTF, forklifts? Oh, this is from 2007."

2010-04-11, 09:54
The clowncars of Muttrah. No thanks.

2010-04-11, 13:57
Ah, forklift. I never forget the screams of horror while in APC. "Enemy forklift!!"

Oh forklift, we miss you so. RIP.

2010-04-12, 01:41
I remember when forklifts were in Muttrah, We'd do drive by's with an M249.

2010-04-16, 15:57
Since which version are they gone? I could swear it was just yesterday that I drove around in one of them (well, not really, but it doesn't fell thaaat long ago)
I love(d) them, although I never really thought that they had any "battle potential": they were a lot of fun and a nice way to get about :-)
Maybe they should be put back into pr, maybe as another insurgent car?
Imagine them with the insurgent radio XD


2010-04-16, 16:23
OMG I was so thrilled thinking OMG I'm getting a forklift on Al Basrah for some messing around!

Then I see the post was made in 2007.

Sad face.