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Blackhawk 5
2007-03-27, 03:11
The other thread was locked and i did a search...

Tonight I was on thors birgade,on the US team and carryin my trusty SAW. From the train i saw footsteps and a smoke nade was already in place. I decicded to conceal myself and sneak to attack the mecs hiding on the other side of the train using smoke for cover. In the smoke i bumped into the MEC i spotted, in a quick instant, me and him insta-proned and as quick thinking, i could see which direction everything was so i sprayed with my SAW in a 360 direction. I didnt know if i killed him because at that moment my screen was wavy and i was coughing, but its worth telling others...

Tell yours

2007-03-27, 03:28
I turn a corner and see a MEC sniper... I knife him and steal his sniper, look behind me and see the sniper's squad coming in my direction to avenge his death... I zoom in and kill three of them, one is still alive and kill me.

I respawn as a Grenadier get back to the corner and fire a grenade just in case, turn the corner and find out that I just killed their entire squad.

lot of fun !

Edit: Woot Tales from the Frontlines

2007-03-27, 06:54
Well, I'll post one of my old ones:

It's a .4 moments, but I guess it'll do...

I was squadleader on Ejod Desert. Me and my gang had moved ahead of the main assault force and set up a defensive position in and around the ruins just south of Gardens. We were planning to delay any MEC doing the same thing enough to let the rest of the team capture the Market (isn't it? Haven't played Ejod for a while). Then, just before the team had reached Market, gunfire erupted from the Gardens. We returned fire with our M16s. Then more G3s joined in. Suddenly we found ourselves in the middle of a huge contact. Everyone was constantly shouting over the gunfire, calling for ammo, calling for a medic. There was tracer everywhere, and all you could think about was getting as many rounds on target as possible, firing single shots and bursts towards the Gardens and the desert where the MEC tried flanking attacks. Smoke was everywhere, enemy and friendly, and all you could hear was men shouting, shots being fired and the cracks of rounds coming close. Grenades went off on all sides, and I had my M203 out, lobbing HE grenades over walls and sand dunes. It was all we could do; fire, reload and keep firing. Every man was doing his job and letting the others do theirs. There was no time to assess the tactical situation; we had enough trouble just staying alive. The rifleman supplying ammo was working overtime to keep us with fresh mags, and our corpsman was healing right and left while tracers were flying both ways. It was us, six men, against what must have been more than half the MEC team.

Two times our team tried assaulting Gardens on the eastern side, to our far right, but they were met with heavy 7.62 fire. The assaults stopped, then they were pushed back into the city. As the MEC emerged from cover, going for the city, we engaged them with grenades, then followed up with bullets. We took rapid single shots, emptying our mags, reloaded and kept firing. We were taking fire from the north, nortwest - our western side was protected by the concrete wall - and the east. And we held our ground.

After what seemed like hours, our teammates managed to rush into the gardens, capturing the CP and clearing the immidiate area. We reloaded and went left, boxing around the Gardens on the western side, going for the last remaining CP...

That was the most intense experience I've ever had. And the most amazing squadwork ever. My adrenaline was actually rushing. Our squad managed to hold the MEC back practically alone, effectively preventing them from getting into the city. I have no idea how long that firefight lasted. It could have been minutes, or it could have been half an hour. Everyone was just so focused on their jobs, everything else was blocked out.

2007-03-27, 20:50
I hate you for having such an awesome story..

2007-03-27, 20:54
And by "hate" you mean "want to make hot man-love to"? :razz:

2007-03-27, 21:57
I'll get the jelly!

2007-03-27, 22:42
EJOD Desert, MEC

Our squad was lead by Chubben and with me as leader of the 2nd fireteam. We moved up into the western sandunes with the two fireteams covering eachothes advance. We got to the other end of the dunes and we overlooked the whole US side. During the advance to the south-western dunes we excpected contact since we could see some great players on the other team so we moved in a tactical formation using "ansatsvis" as fellow swedes would call it but to our surpirse we met no resistance on our way to our position, we could now overlook whole of the southern desert.

Kit layout of the squad was one officer, one MG gunner, one H-AT, One rifeman, one medic and one sniper/marksman.

For the first minute it was slow we could not see any enemys but then it started, one APC and one tank moved through the desert and they were eliminated by the H-AT, NO armor got through!

After a while infantry squads started to show up on the ground a couple of hundred meters away from us threatening to take west city, our sniper had left the game so sniping was out of the question. What to do? I took out my binos and told the MG-gunner to lay beside me in the sand I gave him the general direction of the enemy: "South-East, four enemys, right streetcorner, distance approx 200m!" The Mg-Gunner opened up and I continuosly walked his fire onto the enemys who quickly took cover and got pinned down not realising where the fire was coming from. Our squads in the city quickly took advantage of our suppressing fire and moved in on the pinned down squad and quickly eliminated them with grenades. This procedure was repeated everytime the US tried to attack the west city and we succesfully held it aswell as taking out any enemy armor assets trying to move into the city!

2007-03-28, 03:45
I was commanding the MEC force in Al Fallujah and 3 of the 6 squads (sometimes 4, squad 4 listened until the original SL left and what sounded to be a 12 year old took over) actually listened to what I said. Besides that being amazing in of itself, we literally stonewalled them at village and held them there until they were down to 95 or so tickets.
Squad 3 did an excellent job holding that central hill, coving our flanks and maintaining the high ground. They single handedly beat back several rushes, including one that had a full APC and Humvee. When a recon team did manage to slip through, some of their team members went to fix the arty instead of the whole group leaving and exposing our flank. When they found the recon squad dug in with a spawn point, they simply called for arty on, confirmed it all was destroyed and headed back to the hill.
Squads 1 and 5 literally called for artillery whenever possible and the loses the USMC had as a result were astounding. When we finally did lose village, 1 and 5 cover each other as they fell back keeping instead of a disorganized retreat which the USMC would of cut them down and possibly gotten to the outpost flag before they could respawn. Instead, the enemy was forced to keep low and take a slow approach. Squad 5 called in an arty strike on the western side of the village where the enemy was massed. I believe that single strike took out at least half there team as the USMC tickets dropped from 90 something to 79.
When the team assembled at outpost, the USMC had absolutely no chance (not that they did at that point anyhow) and the game was over in about 5 minutes after everyone got into position. It was really a beautiful sight.

Blackhawk 5
2007-03-29, 22:49
I was on Al-Basra when my blackhawk got shot down. I parachuted in the heart of the city where i picked up the SVD. I went to the mosque outpost to camp, when there was a guy standing on the very tip of it and msg read "Look im on top of the mosque LOL" Easy 1 shot kill :D

2007-04-05, 12:47
Heh, just played with a fellow Norwegian (from 23rd MEU or something like that; I can't remember his name) on 24/7 Al Basrah. He was a great Cobra pilot.

We had been in the air for quite a while now, moving around Al Basrah, tearing up the insurgency with our Cobra. After doing a run over the centre of the city, we headed northwest.

I spotted a blue car moving in front of us, along a road, heading north. I called out the target for my pilot and adjusted my crosshairs for a shot, but we were moving too fast. We passed the car, and I could see it moving in between a cluster of buildings.

"Stop!" I told my pilot. The helicopter lurched, turning slightly right, and came to a halt in mid-air. A glimpse of blue told me that the insurgent car had turned right and followed the road between the buildings. "All right, they're between those buildings on our left," I said into my mic, "paralleling us. Move forwards a little."

The helicopter moved again, and I adjusted my zoom for a shot. I could just see glimpses of the car, moving at full speed to our left. "Up a little." The helicopter moved upwards a little, and I could see the roof of the car. "A little more." We gained more altitude, and I moved my crosshairs to the car's roof.

Suddenly, the car burst out of the buildings and into open ground. On my black-and-white screen I could see the two insurgents spot us. Still moving at full speed, they panicked and bailed out. The helicopter rocked as the pilot pulled his stick back and reduced the throttle, bringing the Cobra to a standstill.

"Thank you," I said, centering my sights on the car. I pulled the trigger. A short burst and the car exploded, sending shrapnel everywhere and the fleeing insurgents flying into the air.

"Spawncar down, move away." The pilot throttled up and we moved away, already looking for a new kill.

It was great, like something out of one of those gunship videos you see on the Internet.

2007-04-05, 12:51
Heh, just played with a fellow Norwegian (from 23rd MEU or something like that; I can't remember his name) on 24/7 Al Basrah. He was a great Cobra pilot.

22ndMEU, Bengtsson most likely, he's cool.

2007-04-05, 12:55
Yeah, that's the one! Really good Cobra pilot.

2007-04-06, 11:32
I remember that I was in your sqad aswell but my fellow clanmate greywolf made another sqad....

major sharpe
2010-07-12, 02:42
havent played pr in ages my computer died, really miss pr. just remembered a great moment in think it was called karbala,

i was at the us main and i was on my own squad left to do other things, saw a chopper had a spair seat hoped in, i was a medic just in for a fly about the map before i went to bed this was like 4 in the morning for me,
had a great time the pilot was great was rocking boy in his armed littlebird dodging bullets left and right then bang light start flashing its all red and noisey.
im not usualy in the little birds and id said my prayers and ready to die i didnt have a shute i was a medic so, crash hit the ground from like 100 feet or so not expecting to be alive me and the pilot ran west to the hills didnt wana stick about for what ever shot us down,
mid patching the man up, a bloody techy come fling over head misses me hits pilot quick as lightning whip out my m4 pop the gunner with the first driver and the pasanger with the rest of the mag, reload check the truck revived my guy patched him up again he called in his pilot buddy to pick us up.
only one seat so this sh*t was like a movie or somting told him to get in and get him back to base. bout five minuits later poped smoke called in an evac sure enough he did
pick me up back to base for tea and medals

for a wile later we talked about there should be a way to recomend people for comendations get medals they disereved medals that day, i cant convay in word how great that game was jsut cant explain how awesome it felt to get him of the ground and then see the cavelry come to get you.

cant remember the names of those two guys but you guys are awesome leave no man behind you guys are heros.

2010-07-12, 06:44
Dunno if you were in stasis or something, but this thread is 3 years old...