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2018-04-20, 15:43
-If somebody has or finds pictures of buildings from Vietnam 1960-70. I am interested in the district of the city of An Loc.Images of vegetation around the city from that time.Please pm,or send here tnx

I have a wiki image after the battle, but I do not have a detailed picture of An loc.And these new images with google earth pro, do not match the pictures from 60s (normally :). In 60s it was probably a little bigger village.


2018-04-23, 14:03
You are very unlikely to find anyone who either has a stash of pictures from this battle lying around or is willing to do your research for you tbh.

It is really a matter of googling and researching this stuff for yourself, which will also give you a much better overview and understanding than just receiving lots of pics from someone else. Try varying your google searches, for things like:
Battle of An L?c / Battle of An Loc
An L?c 1972 / An Loc 1972
An L?c Vietnam War

For historic battles that came well before the internet like this, it is sometimes worth actually looking into physical books on the battle/event, especially if they have decent pictures with them as a lot of that will not have made it onto the internet. While yes, buying a book isn't free, it is worth it if your serious about a project and not just for the pictures, but also understanding it and its background.

2018-04-24, 08:42
For online resources, check and scribd (has a massive amount of military documents, free download on free trial).

Also, for once, wikipedia has a good ref: http://www.vnafmamn.com/Valiant_Anloc.html

2018-04-24, 08:44
Lastly, try searching in vietnamese with the help of google translator, since I don't believe there's too much american pictures from the ground, because there were few americans deployed by that stage.

2018-04-24, 13:45
thanks a lot Agus92.

This was supposed to me to see the types of houses. I've seen on your pictures that they had asphalt (good to put on map).

-[R-DEV]Rhino,I did not want to know this information to study the battle.I accidentally know how to use google(but I did not find this images).I just asked people if they have too much time and are more skilled with the Internet to send me links or pictures.
-By the way, to ask you to put a map 4km and inside battleground 2km(because of flying objects)?