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2016-11-30, 19:53

IMPORTANT! v1.4.1 is a update that has to be manually applied. Read announcement here (https://www.realitymod.com/forum/f380-project-reality-news/143573-project-reality-bf2-v1-4-1-manual-update-required.html).

v1.4.2 will be automatically installed using the automated updater as soon as you press 'PLAY'.

PR:BF2 v1.4.1.0 Changelog (2016/November/30)

Fixed frequent CTD regarding graphic setting verification.
Fixed automated updater not working.

PR:BF2 v1.4.2.0 Changelog (2016/November/30)

Fixed admin command !switch not working on dead players.
Fixed spam from bots and hash/name verification on COOP.
Fixed a server crash.
Fixed IDF Merkava front armor.
Fixed some breacher and spotter kits not being able to use shovel.
Fixed Milan MIRA having wrong materials.

2016-11-30, 20:13
Thanks for the update, devs! Is the Eryx HAT bug confirmed?

M42 Zwilling
2016-11-30, 21:52
What bug?

2016-11-30, 22:22
This (https://www.realitymod.com/forum/f26-pr-bf2-bugs/143459-mec-hat-broken.html) bug, I assume.

2016-11-30, 22:29
All european servers are gone. Cant find them. I just donated. I feel cheated.

2016-11-30, 22:36
The servers are updating it will take time until all are back up and running.

2016-11-30, 22:55
Main menu music still not working for me.

2016-11-30, 23:43
i am getting a cannot find update list alert when i go to do the update

2016-12-01, 00:24
Main menu music still not working for me.

Thought this was just me and that I broke mine lol...

Captain Fubar
2016-12-01, 00:31
I'm getting a can't find update list error

Edit: NVM

2016-12-01, 08:24
I'm getting a can't find update list error !!! help ??

Edit: I am an idiot .

2016-12-01, 08:28
Read the announcement

2016-12-01, 09:34
so, what are the plans for and I hope that you don't forget us players who play vs offline bots ;-)
I'd really like a huge urban coop map with lots of buildings and an underground metro station (heh heh, maybe an actual usable train would be nice hehe).

also, I'm assuming that the 8km map will never get bot support?????

thanks for the update guys. Later!

2016-12-01, 21:26
ya it say unable to obtain update list any help. Please.

2016-12-01, 21:35
Install v1.4.1 manual patch.

2016-12-02, 00:23
S I tried the manual updater. Did the qBittorrent thing. still nothing. I tried setting up a static IP. Now I get error 1312. Help? lol

NVMD: had to do manual update again.

2016-12-02, 10:48
My mumble is not working. I updated to and now I cant talk ingame. I have no idea what to do. Please help.

2016-12-04, 01:55
why do we have grenade tails now? just curious

2016-12-05, 09:19
why do we have grenade tails now? just curious

why not? It looks quite nice, though....
probably helps in spotting an incoming nade? maybe?

2016-12-05, 10:50
why do we have grenade tails now? just curious

it's been there for a while now...

not fan of that either...

M42 Zwilling
2016-12-05, 12:18
It has nothing to do with gameplay, that is how the older grenade fuzes work. Newer ones, ingame and IRL, do not smoke.