View Full Version : Looking for a download link

2016-08-21, 20:36

I'm interested in creating a revival event for the Falklands mod and was wondering where i could download it?

2016-08-21, 21:10
You can't. Falklands is currently in development and planned for our next release. The falklands minimod of v.98 was taken out on purpose as it wasn't ready yet for full release. It soon will be though :)

2016-08-22, 22:14
Hey Mineral, is the AML-90 going to be included in the Falklands release? As I recall it wasn't finished yet so it might be one of the things that would delay the release.

2016-08-22, 22:32
It's unfinished and won't be part of release. Will be up to the community modeler to finish it first :)

2016-08-22, 23:05
Shame, would've been interesting to see some cannon on cannon action on such a large map. Is there anything that could be used as a substitute in the meantime?

Also would've been interesting to get some armour for factions such as ARF to fill the APC gap.