View Full Version : GMC CCKW?

2016-01-02, 22:59
Just a thought. I know its probably in the middle of no where on the to do list as there are way more pressing issues and the M35 currently in game did get a bit of a retexture. Its the original duece and a half. It would compliment the Opel Blitz nicely.


Also like to add that I love this minimod and look forward to future releases. You guys have done a great job with what you have done so far and its a shame the beta has to close!

2016-01-03, 05:53
Yea, mostly just a placeholder unless we get something else from the era. Would definitely be nice to have though, totally agree.

2016-01-03, 11:54
We'd love to have that, yes. But as Ratface says, the current one is kind of a placeholder until someone makes it or shares it.