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2015-12-18, 18:30
I am surfing here and there on the net, looking at the work made on PR, using 3ds max and stuff.

And i wondered, could it be easier for you (the dev's) to download some Houses models already created, load them in 3dmax and simply create the LOD's and Colision layout?

Because there is alot of good stuff on the net already created.

Just need to recreate the textures and here we go!

2015-12-18, 18:46

2015-12-18, 18:54
Rhino, what I meant is this

All 3D Models max - Free 3D All max download (http://tf3dm.com/3d-models/all/1/max)

Its a website where you can download for free 3d model already done.
I see reccurrence in the 3d statics used in most of maps.

If it take alot of time to modelize new houses all the time,
i thought seeking for some free models on the net
could motivate the mappers to use more variety of buildings in their map

Also, I just been throught this tutorial!
I downloaded 3dmax 9 yesterday

Very simple, very efficient! Thanks :3

I think I could create statics for PR now.

Yet, its a long process haha :D

I have a question tho. Why did you rmove the door face to bridge the polygons instead of using the target wielding?

Here is the section of the tutorial im referring to

---> http://i.imgur.com/s94m6qi.jpg

2015-12-19, 01:05
free models are generally, not optimized for use in games and are normally free for many other reasons too...

Target welding combines verts which doing it in that case would destroy the structure of the hinge etc you want to keep. Bridging bridges faces between edges/verts and keeps the vert structure you want.

2015-12-19, 10:38
Good reply, thank you.

I understand Target welding is easy mode, fast but can make unwanted result if the poly is complex.
So the best yet long road is Bridging Edges. Nice tuto again, covering alot of faces of modelling in 1 post.