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2015-12-01, 02:34
Hello I'm new to the forums but I've played PR since 2009. Back then I played quite alot but nowadays I'm a newbie since I only play a couple of times a year and much have changed. Still, Project Reality is absolutely timeless and I enjoy it whenever I play it.

I had a super funny insurgency game this summer with some random dudes I've never played with. One of the guys in my squad had a spot on african accent so before long we were all africans with far worse accents.
My own voice is sadly(gladly) not recorded.

I'm guessing people roleplaying their characters is not very unique in Insurgency mode but I thought I'd share my video cause I thought it was funny.


I hope Mr. Africa has continued to spread joy in PR to this day. :mrgreen:

2015-12-03, 19:00
Funny as hell :lol: