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2015-11-10, 20:05
You could have Arnhem where British and Polish para's get dropped in and have to secure bridges (Or one big bridge) and hold it for a certain amount of time.


You could have a map where there are stranded para's in Arnhem and you have Germans on one side trying to overrun them and then you have The British XXX Corps having to save them before its too late!! (Tickets run out)

That would be so epic - Maroon Berets! ;)

2015-11-11, 02:55
Yeah that would be pretty cool but british forces aren't really going to happen in pr:ww2 though. Not unless someone takes it upon themselves to make the faction and everything that goes with it.

2018-05-02, 17:10
the mini mode will be great if we could add British and soviet army

2018-05-02, 17:36
More possible are some winter scenarios.

2018-05-02, 18:19
Lol lets just play PR ww2 and than make what ever u want if PR ww2 had a 3 years to be released what if they going to make british and soviet factions ? they probebly going to release it at 2050 than :D ...seriously when PR ww2 comes out we gonna think about making these factions ;)

2018-05-03, 00:49
What Riadh is saying is that we do one thing at the time. First we release USA vs Germany, once that is all in game and working as intended then we can start with other things. :)


2018-05-03, 09:10
It is funny. we will not see prww2 soon even with Ger vs usa and peoples are requesting other factions! It is weird.

2018-05-03, 12:17
Yeah ! it's weird for you but not for me Mr.Shahram :)
i was working on some soviet models months ago to give them for devs but for some personal issues i couldn't finish them all ! posted that months ago in the forums here i think



but maybe i could work on that later when Pr ww2 USA vs Germany is released and all the source files and maps are done !
i might make some winter maps and suggest them to devs ! like a map for (Soviets vs Germans)