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2015-11-08, 11:32
well... there was one good mod for bf1942, called Finnwars... well they was making Finnwars 2 (not mod) but the project died...

so, i have been waiting and waiting and waiting but there is never good war games which takes place in finland in winter war and continuation war... :(

i think this is MUST to do, because winter war and continuation war are, would i say, almost the most iconic and legendary wars in ww2 or at least in northern wars...

it would be amazing, i never before couldnt even wish that we would have PR + finnwars and so on.. that would be totally amazing! of course new better maps and models and sounds etc...

some events/maps i would love to see:
- battle of Tali-ihantala
- battle of Summa
- battle of Raatteentie
- battle of Taipaleenjoki (taipale river)
there is some other events i dont now remember...

also would be nice to have add some features/vehicles like:
- skis (like in finnwars)
- molotov`s cocktails (to throw into tank`s air scoop or whatever it is, so it starts to burn inside (LIKE WE HAD IN FINNWARS)
- and many different weapons like Lahti-saloranta (lmg)
- m/28 Pysty-korva (rifle)
- m/31 Suomi-kp (smg, USSR copied and made own version of it, it is called PPSH-41)

this addon to ww2minimod IS MUST TO DO... because there is no other like this, and i can say that IT WILL BE EPIC!

oh.. and since "features page" says "finnish forces" and we have at least one modern finnish map, so why not? actually i havent been that interested in modern warfare at all, neither modern finnish forces... i NEED some epic winter war battles!

2015-11-08, 12:09
And who's going to do all the work on this then? Because everybody is busy with stuff already.

2015-11-08, 12:48
oh, i forgot to say.. i CAN wait for it, just make the first public ww2 mod, then work on this and other things like bugs and features maybe? :) i can wait for it.. that would not be impossible, since we basicly have everything on bf1942 mod, just ask permission to take some models maybe, make them look better, higher poly versions i think? also the radio/voice communication sounds could copy from there? at least for the first versions of it? :)

i just want to hear positive answers, at least like "maybe some day after we get ww2minimod ready" or something? :3

2015-11-08, 12:54
Yeah... No. It's hard enough trying to get the modern faction done.

If you want this - you're going to have to gather a team and do it yourself.

And FinnWars is still happening, they're starting a crowdfunding campaign 6.12.2015.

2015-11-08, 13:30
crowdfunding for what? finnwars 2?

i totally recommend to make the finnish forces in ww2 era rather than modern! i could ask some guys to think about this?

i really need PR + ww2 finland :3

2015-11-08, 13:38
FinnWars - Crowdfunding starts in 6.12.2015 (http://finnwars.com/)

This December we will start a crowdfunding campaign for a game we have been driven to create the last decade.

FinnWars is a realistic multiplayer game about wars that took place between Finland and Soviet Union during World War 2.

The game is a sequel to a modification carrying the same name that was developed by us in the early 2000's. It was a huge success, not only because it's quality or scope, but it's unique subject and realistic game mechanics not seen in any other game then or since.

Help us to recreate this unique multiplayer game to the PC.

The crowdfunding will start in 6th of December 2015.


It's using Unreal Engine 4.

2015-11-08, 13:47
oh! but only things what i always have been wondering or why i have been disappointed in finnish games is quality of graphics and sounds, i mean, PR has PERFECT sound world for a mod, so i will become sad if this game looks kinda too simple and sounds are bf1942 level... i really want realistic games, realistic sound world, realistic explosions, realistic damage on infantry and vehicles, realistic feel on the moving/shooting etc... PR already has most of what i have ever dreamed of, and ww2 mod inside PR is even more better, and even more amazing would have winter war as finnish defence forces against USSR... :(

now i have to ask... is anyone even interested?`no one knows simo h?yh?? or movies like "Talvi-sota" (winter war), "tuntematon sotilas" (unknown soldier) "rukaj?rventie" (road of rukaj?rvi)?

i personally think that these battles in PR would really get everyone crazy here! D-Day is seen too often in every ww2 games and like that, but finnish huge battles with epic weapons and tactics? :(

2015-11-08, 13:55
but what if that doesnt success?

i personally, if no one else, i would WANT PR team to make this happen, as a mod of course or so! i mean, you guys really CAN make some realism, authentic war experience on a game which actually never made me want to play it, but only because this mod.

2015-11-08, 16:15
Unless yourself or others make up a team and begin on this, it will not happen. We have too much going on with too few people to make anything like this happen. It's taken around 2 years of people's free time to get to the point we're at right now, and that's with borrowed models from multiple mods.

2015-11-08, 16:29
Note that FH2 will also feature the Finns in the future.

2015-11-08, 17:14
That's true, that'd probably be your best bet Tomppelix. And if you haven't tried FH2 it's a good mod, worth a look especially when they get Finns in.

2015-11-10, 15:33
That's true, that'd probably be your best bet Tomppelix. And if you haven't tried FH2 it's a good mod, worth a look especially when they get Finns in.

i had it but somehow i couldnt find it that good... cant compare FH2 and PR...