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2015-11-06, 19:56
http://i.imgur.com/Gi3z1Ao.png (https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwZmHTMt5Sz871Kcx6zOrRQK0yfYRvIIE)

Welcome to SEASON 2 of our community project to help promote Project Reality with short and intense gameplay videos that show the best the game has to offer. These are easily digestible videos that everybody can watch, from the hardcore PR player to the casual interested gamer. ;)

For this season I changed the rules a little bit:

Creators can choose any music they want, unless they get the video blocked in any country.
Creators will be given the PR logo animation to be used as the intro to make the video look a little more official.
Creators are required to add a YouTube Card with a link to the playlist.

The episodes are still being curated by me but the project is open for anyone to join (following the procedures bellow).

I will continue making highlight posts that get posted to the launcher every so often with a compilation of videos that our community of YouTubers (big and small) have created.

http://i.imgur.com/AoOVDsu.gif (https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwZmHTMt5Sz871Kcx6zOrRQK0yfYRvIIE)

Check out the playlist with all "Project Reality in 60 seconds" episodes:


Guidelines for a good episode

Use scenes from a single round, to keep the same context.
Use recordings in first person, you playing the game with comms and everything.
Try to show the least amount of the HUD (map, comm rose, etc).
Try to use short clips instead of one long scene.
It shouldn't be just a frag video, showing teamwork is what PR is all about.
Showing other people shooting and group movement can look interesting (see episode #1).
Showing combined arms is good, as it's something unique to PR as well (see episode #2).
Showing clear communication is highly encouraged (see episode #3).
Showing other unique aspects of the game is highly encouraged (see episode #30).
Sometimes is better for the audio to bleed to the next clip so it doesn't end abruptly.
Ending on a slow fade to black looks okay if you don't have a cool ending and gives the idea of continuity.

Requirements to create an episode

If you want to join the fun and be challenged to make interesting 60 seconds videos of PR gameplay, check the requirements bellow and send me a private message and I will consider your request.

Follow my guidance (I will curate all videos, some might be asked to be improved or re-edited).
Create quality recordings (1080p with good audio).
Ability to upload a custom thumbnail (https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/72431?hl=en) to your YouTube video.
Follow our standards for title and description.
Use the given thumbnail, without other additions.
Show only raw PR gameplay in first person (no comments, personal intros, outros, etc).
Start the video with the Project Reality logo animation (https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/6415795/pr-in-60s/intro-logo.mov).
Choose any music you want that don't get the video blocked in any country.
Add a YouTube Card at the start of the video linking to the playlist.

I think this is a nice project for our community and something easy to share with your friends to show what Project Reality is all about. :D

2015-11-09, 09:42
I'm so damn excited.

2015-11-09, 23:08
Love it and now ready for be part of it !

Lt. Alexei
2016-02-07, 05:30
I promise do my best to make PR famous in Latino America!

2016-03-31, 18:46
I can show it in 5 seconds...


2016-04-01, 08:51
Fake. APC is not upside down.

2016-04-01, 14:57
Those videos always give me goosebumps.

2016-05-23, 14:41
really like this series of videos, keep up the good work.

2016-10-03, 20:21
very good series that I enjoy a lot

2016-11-06, 07:00
look like to be a bright future Good work

2016-11-22, 09:55
Looking forward to submitting and consuming these videos again!

2018-07-29, 01:48
Do you accept clips from Coop matches?