View Full Version : malware on realitymod.com?

Fabio Chavez
2015-09-12, 17:32
On my winphone 10 using edge browser um permanently beeing redirected from the pr forums to shady AD pages... Is my phone infected or the forum server? (happens only here through)

Example of redirected url (it kicks me to different sites)
Redirect (http://redirect.afftrx.com/redirect2.php?param=103&serviceid=105044&printip=

Fabio Chavez
2015-09-12, 17:34
More examples of pages i get frequently force redirected to

Spielplatz Plus (http://wap.spieletriiksgold.de/home.aspx?siteid=383&servId=1010002&contId=77998&wch=RSSAYMEDIA_S383&hid=2998202037&pub=120323&sid=6451&c1=bccf7df3-9e23-4636-b036-80f51bd1ea76&c2=bccf7df3-9e23-4636-b036-80f51bd1ea76&c3=bccf7df3-9e23-4636-b036-80f51bd1ea76)


Fabio Chavez
2015-09-12, 17:35
Its pretty annoying please help

2015-09-12, 19:23
Hm try downloading Chrome and see if it happens there too. It used to happen before to everyone, and cause were ads on the forum by google. I have adblock enabled in chrome so I cant tell, but it should not redirect. Scan you phone with AV software and antimalware ( try ADW cleaner - not sure if it works on mobiles ) and try Chrome with adblock, see if that helps.