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2015-08-17, 19:30

Campaign 11 Announced!
Official Project Reality Tournament

After the much-anticipated relaunch of the Project Reality Tournament with Campaign 10 last year, the new PRT Team is happy to announce that Campaign 11 is already in the works and will hopefully be launched this fall.

The new staff consists of C10 veterans, and we are working hard to provide a new and fresh campaign for all of you. C10 was extremely successful, going down in history as the most balanced, fair and drama-free campaign ever hosted. The bar is set high so we need support from you to fulfil all expectations. Although the Lead-Admin and Management positions are filled we are still looking for Senior and Junior Admins, as well as Contributors.


Senior Administrators are in charge of different departments, coordinating with other Admins and supervising their own departments.

As an example, in the Moderation & Relations Department, the Lead Admin is in charge of all other Junior-Admins within it. He has to make sure that no support ticket is unanswered and supervise the Public Forum Moderation. He also coordinates directly with the Supreme Commanders to resolve any issues that may arise between the teams.

There are also several other positions with less responsibility; the Junior-Admins, who act as supervisors of a certain team or battle-day Admins who observe the official matches between both teams via PRISM and are ready to help and support the players if problems occur.

If you think you may not be the best mediator we are also in search for coders who can help us with the integrated tournament tools and features on our website. These are written primarily in PHP.

Even though we already have some people in our media departments, we still welcome more support! If you are capable of creating graphics for the forums and the teams you are more than welcome to join us.

If you cannot provide much time and dedication but still want to support us you can join our ranks as a Contributor and provide services for both teams and the tournament, as sponsors, instructors, tech support, artwork or propaganda.

So don't be shy to contact us, we are happy to accept any help we can get. We will find the right spot for you and make sure you get to do what you signed up for.

You can be part of another great journey for the PR community and contribute your share to keep it alive and active even after so many years. After all, this is all what the Project Reality Tournament is about; welding the community together and creating new communities and friendships.


To sign up for a position in the PRT team use this Sign Up Form (http://tournament.realitymod.com/showthread.php?t=34132) and follow the simple instructions in the thread. We hope to hear from you soon!

If you have any other questions regarding C11, possible duties, staff team structure or anything else before signing up, feel free to contact the Lead-Admins via PM or join the PRT teamspeak and hit us up!

Everybody else stay tuned for more information about C11, its teams and the battle-concept soon.


[T-MGT] Curry-Chicken (Management Lead) - Germany
[T-MGT] GrayeKnight (Website Management) - United States of America

Lead Admin:
[T-ADM] Spook - Germany
[T-ADM] Liam - Ireland

Senior Admin:
[T-ADM] BloodyDeed (Server Lead) - Switzerland

Junior Admin:
[T-ADM] Raic (Media) - Finland
[T-ADM] Blip (Servers & Teamspeak) - United Kingdom

[T-MOD]Onil - Portugal

[T-CON] Senshi (PRT Wiki) - Germany
[T-CON] Aleon (Media) - Hungary


Contact Details

Liam: Tournament Website (http://tournament.realitymod.com/member.php?u=13371546) | Realitymod Website (https://www.realitymod.com/forum/members/69570.html)
Spook: Tournament Website (http://tournament.realitymod.com/member.php?u=13371530) | Realitymod Website (https://www.realitymod.com/forum/members/56267.html)

TeamSpeak Server IP:
PR Tournament Website (http://tournament.realitymod.com)

More... (http://tournament.realitymod.com/showthread.php?t=34135&goto=newpost)

2015-08-18, 10:27


2015-08-18, 10:57
gonna be gud with those names!

2015-08-18, 19:00
Indeed. We got gud last tournament, so everything is gud now. :)

2015-08-22, 06:30

2015-08-22, 09:38
There is no greater opportunity to improve your gameplay, fight in organised battles and meet some interesting new people.

The Project Reality Tournament defines what PR is for me. C10 was an amazing and unforgettable experience.

2015-08-22, 10:08
I had a blast in C10 as an NCO for EMF, simply PR at its' finest, no other way to put it.

2015-08-22, 11:24
C10 was a blast, even though I couldnt attend very often.
Got a hell of a lot better at PR aswell :)

2015-08-22, 12:01
Hope C11 will be as balanced and well managed as C10. Was a lot of fun last season!

2015-08-22, 12:55
If you want to have a great time and play PR with a whole other bunch of like-minded people, join the PRT!

2015-08-24, 09:06
C10 is dead, long live C11. Great to see the PRT back in the main forums.

Get involved, bring a friend! Good times abound! :D

Cheers, Murkey.

2015-08-25, 08:48

2015-08-25, 09:37
cool! good luck and have fun ;)

2015-08-25, 15:04
Ah yeah! ITS BACK GUYS!!

Sgt. Tetgmeyer
2015-08-26, 04:44
By far the best games of PR I have played have been through the PRT. The last one was ridiculously fun and I have high hopes for this one.

2015-08-26, 18:12
Just testing...

2015-08-26, 21:17
a cant register :( why? this can load: Image Verification
Invalid site key. Please see the FAQ.
Invalid string something...

2015-08-27, 00:11
AfterDune;2092498']If you want to have a great time and play PR with a whole other bunch of like-minded people, join the PRT!

Are you playing? If I kill you does it mean I can make the voices stop?

2015-08-27, 07:10
a cant register :( why? this can load: Image Verification
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Something went wrong there, we are on it. In the meantime watch this:


2015-08-28, 21:37
Just want to make sure, this is for the people who want to be T-cons and admins only, the team sign ups will come later right?

2015-08-28, 23:31
Yes, that is correct Curahee.

This is for Staff Applications.

2015-08-29, 21:16
@Dragon77CRO: registrations are working again since 48h, register now!


2015-08-30, 08:43
As long as i get to listen to OReely doing speeches while he is high again i will be coming back.

Its been too long

2015-09-04, 07:11

2015-09-04, 10:10
Hmm, where were those forums again...?

2015-09-04, 10:30
We should open a poll again to see if Mike reads the forums.

2015-09-04, 22:11
Mike can't find the forums let alone check what time it is... ;)

2015-09-05, 23:56
Mike can't find the forums let alone check what time it is... ;)


2015-09-07, 20:36
Even with that tip, no-one noticed or at least commented on the clock count-down.... I'm disappointed...

2015-09-08, 04:29
I would notice if the damn forum would we flash free, because android devices don't know what it is.

2015-09-08, 23:13
But isn't the real question still:

Does Mike check forums?

2015-09-14, 12:00
But isn't the real question still:

Does Mike check forums?

The answer to that question is, of course, still no!