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2004-08-05, 22:33
Dear Reality Community,

We have now updated our website as you can see. The change is both on an artistic and functional (PHP) level. First and foremost, a big Thank you to Drew who did all the PHP.

Project Reality, is coming along very nicely. The Military Advisors (click "Team") are being very active, discussing & debating everything and anything concerning Realism in this Modification. They all have their areas of specialisation, yet engage strongly in other topics too. We have also picked up 2 new members in the last week. The first, who will be modelling for us (see the Sig P226 Navy in the Media Gallery, Forums) is Dirtball. Our second addition is EvilHomer, a Retired British Army Combat Engineer, who will be helping us as a Military Advisor. We're very glad to have them on the team!

Although 90% of our work right now is research, we still had some time for modelling...

http://reality.dc-nc.com/images/teaserwebbylaunch.jpg (http://reality.dc-nc.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=184)
... full render in Media Gallery, Forum.

2004-08-05, 22:45
Friggin awsome new site man, I love the feel of the new design. Not to mention that beautiful render that you did of my model...I might be a bit baised though about the model :lol:

2004-08-05, 23:23
Everthing looks great! I'm really excited about this mod.

2004-08-05, 23:41
Totally Killer Dude, this website is lookin amazing

2004-08-06, 03:54
Definitely an improvement. The added features should help too.

Greenie Beanie
2004-08-06, 04:02
Very, very nice!

2004-08-06, 05:03
Kudos Drew and Requiem! A+ job... :D

2004-08-09, 05:35
love the new site....looks much better and i love the art work that you have done...looks really professional

Black Beret
2004-08-09, 06:34
It looked great before, but now it's even better!

2004-08-12, 04:50
Looking good :)