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2015-06-23, 09:09

dbzao"]A squad ambushes unsuspecting enemy infantry moving in the open.

https://yt3.ggpht.com/-mmxm48oOHJg/VTTrkB42UrI/AAAAAAAAAI0/bsQff1GPr1Q/w320-fcrop64=1,32b75a57cd48a5a8-nd/Youtube%2BBanner.jpg (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCO6BoFWKZS5tWh5hsVU_-pw)

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2015-07-04, 12:49
That was so tense. Damn.

2015-07-04, 20:26
Hellz ye!

2015-07-05, 18:23
Let's give some more information about what happened.

After a previous firefight due north of where this clip has been recorded, we had to regroup. We did this at a location 15 meters from where the recording started. We chose to run with 2 AR's to get some more firepower but still proper magnification by picking up the old automatic rifleman kit.

We regrouped. Only a few seconds after that our 2 automatic rifleman called out infantry moving trough the rice paddies. We opened fire, although my deviation was not settled, managed to kill them and destroyed their firebase in the treeline opposite of the rice paddy.

The journey was then continued and then we saw some people trying to leave an LZ at the river bank. We killed them and the video ends. In the round itself we got into a firefight leading into half the squad dead and the other half retreating to the north side of the rice paddies flag.

2015-07-15, 03:39
Goosebumps here. Respect!

2015-07-21, 12:15
Holy shit! xD

2015-08-02, 14:46
Nice video!

2015-10-22, 10:16
ohooo, those water splash gave a so "ruuun bitches ruuun muahaha" atmosphere...remind of the last rambo movie when the poor guys have to run across the minefield...nice video