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2015-06-19, 02:17
This is a tactic on how to approximate the position of enemy mortars without having to look through out the map for them to save fuel and time.

To do this you'll need something to edit images like Photoshop. You also have to know the scale of each map ( it is shown at the bottom right of the minimap)

4 kilometer maps have each large grid square as 300 meters.

2 kilometer maps have each large grid square as 150 meters.

Knowing that a mortar can fire up to 1,500 meters range, you can find how far a mortar can fire from its position in the map. For a 4 kilometer map the mortar firing range would be 5 large grid squares (300 x 5) and for a 2 kilometer map it would be 10 large grid square (150 x 10)


To start off you will need at least two (3 would give better results) positions where you know the enemy mortars have hit. Let's say they have hit Hotel 8 kp 9 and Bravo 6 kp6 on a 4 kilometer map.

With this information on where they have hit, you can open Photoshop and plot the two points accordingly to where they have hit.

After plotting the points you want to make two circles each scaled with their radius equal to 1,500 meters by using the grid squares and their values. Center both circles onto either points.

You should end up with something like this:
(4 kilometer map)

or this:
(2 kilometer map)

If you did everything right and the mortars fired from the same location on both points (1 and 2), you see both circles intersecting.

The image above has a red fill where the circles intersect. This filled area represents where the mortars are. With this, you can then place the UAV over that approximate area, saving fuel and time.

This whole process takes around two minutes in comparison to around 10-15 or even more depending on map size and situation.

2015-06-19, 10:21
Seems actually legit tactic. Some conventional armies have mortar round trajectory analyzer-calculator equipment so they could pinpoint the enemy mortar location in no time.

Though, in 2 km maps you can hear the sound of mortar round leaving the tube (most times) so it is easier to scout the location on foot.

2015-06-23, 03:49
The big problem with this is getting squads to give you locations of where mortars have hit. Sometimes you don't get any feedback and it can get frustrating.

I suggest also making a file with the circles for each map size so you can load everything up as fast as possible.

2015-08-08, 12:17
Hey man, great work. And the pictures are a great touch too.

2016-09-17, 17:28
Very useful guide and tactic, perhaps leading to an implementation in the game, as a spotting page, for indirect weapons, where the mortar team now, not only can fire their mortars, but also gather coordinates from the team, squad and or commander, in order to conduct counter-fire on the opposing mortars?

Maybe such an evolution would make the mortar-game, it self, more interesting, for the overall player-base; that this game of Fire and Move, in order not to be hit by counter-fire, thrill up the gaming experience?

So basically, a page where the mortar-section-leader (new game function?) enters the coordinates provided by the team, and then the engine it self, draw up those circles needed.

Would such an implementation evolve the mortar-game, creating the platform for new and more mobile mortar tactics, linked to perhaps a more limited mount of shells per crate dropped by logistics?