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2015-06-15, 01:03
After our successful v1.3 standalone release, it's time for a small update to fix some bugs that popped up. Thanks everyone for your bug reports and feedback!

The update is now available, and it will be offered as an automatic update next time you launch Project Reality.

Note: Those who are getting "30: Machine Error" will need to apply the patch manually, as obviously your launcher is not working to get it automatically. Please download the update file (http://files.ancientdev.com/updates/prbf2_1.3.0.0_to_1.3.1.0_client_patch.prpatch) and simply double click it to install it manually.

PR:BF2 v1.3.1.0 Changelog (2015/06/15)


Added support for 8 men squads and 128 layouts on local server.
Fixed 30: Machine Error.
Fixed bug that made people crash 60 seconds after launching.
Fixed Video.con crash.


Added admin commands that take player ID instead of name.
Fixed being unable to ban players.
Fixed dutch supply depot not working on Dovre.
Fixed issues with kit requesting.
Fixed missing message when UAV reaches destination.
Fixed removing markers as commander.
Updated time to stay within ROE as civilian to 2 minutes.
Updated UAV to have slightly higher maximum elevation.


Fixed being unable to drive over unbuilt roadblocks.
Fixed being unable to remove roadblocks and mortars with the radio.
Fixed impact effects of AT missiles on roadblocks.
Fixed Deployable Firebase Foundation being shiny on certain maps.


Fixed kits with AKM having wrong knives.


Fixed being unable to request kits from BMP-1 as MEC.
Fixed being unable to request kits from BTR-60 as Russian.
Fixed being unable to request kits from ZSL-92B.
Fixed Fennek being able to be spotted through Commo Rose.
Fixed HMMWVs floating in deep water.
Fixed M113 front armor being too strong.
Fixed M1A1 and M1A2 zoom.
Fixed T-90 cupola maximum elevation being too small.
Fixed T-90 cupola not following the turret.
Updated auto cannon recoil to be smaller.
Updated the Su-27 with a slightly faster turn rate


Fixed artillery IED having wrong icon.
Fixed bolt action rifles having minimal zoom.
Fixed C4 causing player camera to shake when deployed.
Fixed C7 sounds not being in synch with animation.
Fixed disappearing scopes from RPG-7 and PZF-3.
Fixed flare gun causing server crash.
Fixed mines disappearing with the kit.
Fixed NVA dynamite causing server crash.
Updated AK-74 to have less side to side recoil.


Fixed certain languages not showing asset overview screen.
Fixed various mistakes.
Updated Dutch, French, German and Japanese community translations. Change your language in the options menu of the PR Launcher.
For community members to assist in translations, please visit https://github.com/realitymod/pr-localization.



Fixed mapper placed rally points to not timeout during briefing.

Al Basrah:

Replaced the indestructible bunker with a fixed, non-expiring rally point which can be overrun.
Fixed insurgent pickup kits not spawning on Skirmish.


Fixed map overview showing incorrect amount of RUS attack helicopters on AAS64.

Black Gold:

Fixed AAS64 having broken flags.
Fixed smoke not working in some parts of the map.
Updated tickets to 550 for AAS16, 650 for AAS32 and AAS64 and 900 for AAS128.

Dovre Winter:

Fixed vehicles automatically respawning when abandoned on COOP layers.

Dragon Fly:

Added 50 more tickets for Militia on AAS64.

Hades Peak:

Fixed supply crates missing for Russians on Skirmish layouts.


Removed spawn delay on USMC boats.

Kashan Desert:

Fixed CNC64 having USMC instead of US Army.


Updated Russian APCs: 2x BTR-80a on AAS64, 1x BTR-80a and 1x BMP2 on AAS128
Updated west flag route on AAS64 and AAS128 to only have one flag at border control.
Removed night sky in AAS16 and replaced it with cloudy, lightened night settings as well.
Removed tanks from the AAS32, AAS64 and AAS128.

Operation Archer:

Updated Canadian main-base protection shield.

Operation Barracuda:

Fixed artillery having wrong timers.

Pavlovsk Bay:

Fixed jets taking damage outside of the map.
Fixed ticket bleed not stopping for USMC or missing on all routes.

Silent Eagle:

Fixed tickets on AAS128.
Updated AAS64: 2 Leopards and one Puma are now spawning delayed. Removed delayed spawn on one BMP-2 and added a SU-27.
Updated AAS32 and AAS128: 2 Leopards are now spawning delayed and replaced one Puma IFV with Puma.

2015-06-15, 03:09
Thanks Devs!


Fixed mines disappearing with the kit.

How long do they stay on the map now?

2015-06-15, 03:15
Dovre winter does not have proper russian camo. Does models for this exist?

2015-06-15, 05:02
"Fixed bolt action rifles having minimal zoom" - What does that mean? do they now have minimal zoom or they had and are now fixed?

Having a minimal zoom would be great for the bolt actions.

[MI5] Richard.Price
2015-06-15, 05:24
Russian still has desert camo on Dovre Winter!!!

2015-06-15, 05:33
Aww man, just when civilian was fun to play again :(

2015-06-15, 08:02
Awesome DEVs, really good you can put in updates now that can simply be downloaded through the launcher and fix various bugs. 10/10.

Has large always been 128 layout or are we suddenly getting 64vs64 servers.

2015-06-15, 08:03
They were always called 128 layers, no sudden 128p servers.

2015-06-15, 08:12
They're called "128", because that's what BF2 accepts, so to say. You can't name it "100", because BF2 won't recognize it. Perhaps with some fiddling here and there it would, but there's no need for it.

2015-06-15, 08:57
And what about Dovre Winter, Russians with desert camos?

2015-06-15, 09:16
Thanks for the lower AK-74 recoil. Can't wait to try it out.

2015-06-15, 09:36
Richard.Price;2079559']Russian still has desert camo on Dovre Winter!!!

And what about Dovre Winter, Russians with desert camos?

We are aware and working on new textures. Sadly getting quality textures done takes some time. Blame the testers for missing it for 1.3 in first place :p

2015-06-15, 09:46
Thanks for the lower AK-74 recoil. Can't wait to try it out.

Don't bother.

I already tested it on Beirut coop; there is no change, at least no change that would alleviate the main problem.

It's probably only lowered on file; but animation still causes it to unnaturally drift left/right(kind of like the spray pattern for AK"47" in Counter Strike).

BluFor 900rpm or even 600rpm weapons are still much easier(easier as in you don't have to drag mouse down as much, neither do you have to deal with muzzle drifting left/right constantly on fullauto) to control on fullauto.

2015-06-15, 10:03
Cleared the thread and moved posts to nujimaa feedback thread. Feel free to continue there.


ComradeX, you don't have to be happy with our changes, but keep your attidude on the calm level or you are facing a infraction.

2015-06-15, 12:17
Thanks for the quick update, guys. I am happy about the IED fix, not too sure how to feel about the civilian changes, though. I feel like the civilian gameplay has been nerfed too much, what with the decreased intel point requirement for uncovering caches. Increasing the timer back to 2 minutes will probably make the Civilian kit even less viable. On the other hand, I do know that there is a major update to insurgency mode on the horizon and I am sure the changes will make more sense in that context.

In any case, I really appreciate your work and effort, guys. This has been an exciting few weeks and I am very much looking forward to what's still to come.


I am pretty new to these forums and I haven't had much time to read them as regularly. But some reason I always happen to stumble on your posts when I do; and somehow more often than not they strike me as very negative.

While I do understand the frustration of not seeing specific changes and features implemented I think you should take a step back and evaluate the situation. There's no need for this confrontative and sarcastic undertone in your posts. I don't think it has served you well so far and I don't think it will serve you any better in the future.

Please keep this in mind: The best way of making your voice heard is to stay calm, polite, and precise.

2015-06-15, 12:55
Thank you

2015-06-15, 13:39
irl u don't have balance. if we talk about Germany vs Russia map (Dovre), we should have:
1) 14 German players facing 86 Russian
2) 1 puma vs 100 BMP-3
good luck

2015-06-15, 13:53
Error 75, Verification to the server?

2015-06-15, 15:29
I appreciate the fixes coming up, and im with the comrade, as personal experience me and the people I usually play with sight every time we have to play as the russians since the recoil on those things compared to the Famas it dosent feel fair, but yet again who am I to judge? I dont make games.

2015-06-15, 15:35
Really? The Famas has such a massive recoil, I prefer AK's over them anytime. One burst and you are looking at the stars :P

[MI5] Richard.Price
2015-06-15, 15:48
Glad that you guys fixed the ban function, so I don't have to !tb them anymore, really appreciate it.

Oh BTW nice work on the new ZTZ-99. Just wondering if the ZTZ-99 has such a low profile IRL, I mean really low, even lower than a T-90? Saw both of them in BF4 and seems ZTZ-99s are bit bigger than T-90s?

2015-06-15, 17:39
irl u don't have balance. if we talk about Germany vs Russia map (Dovre), we should have:
1) 14 German players facing 86 Russian
2) 1 puma vs 100 BMP-3
good luck

This made me laugh for 10 seconds. Nice comment :)
And you're right. And most likely the German Puma isn't operational, or it can only be brought to the battle chartering a russian tupolev :D

2015-06-15, 17:43
Fix the hipfire aa

2015-06-15, 18:12
Thank you, guys. Really good news. I?m annoying with Video.con CTD. Thank you.

2015-06-15, 19:10
Fix the hipfire aa

Whats wrong with it? I tested it with all AA's for 1.3 and there was no advantage with hipfire. Choppers get a lock as soon as you just look at them with the AA be it hipfire or aimed down. And just like with aimed down, you can also lock onto targets in hipfire mode and kill them. The difference is that you as the user of the AA dont get a lock sound. The chopper always gets the sound.

2015-06-15, 19:32
to all the kids who want snow camo for the MIGHTY RUSSIAN ARMY-

go 'ere-


2015-06-15, 22:31
Great work devs. I was so nervous the patch was going to be multiple GB (crap ISP), but it was only 17 MB. Praise the lord!


Who the hell let this guy on the forums? Now that the !b function is working, I won't have to hear his damn accent anymore!

2015-06-15, 22:59
Really? The Famas has such a massive recoil, I prefer AK's over them anytime. One burst and you are looking at the stars :P

You crazy? the Famas is awesome on single fire range, and fully controllable on full auto.
and if I read correctly i can know remove the mortars and other assets with the squad leader radio, i notice it just wont do it.

2015-06-16, 12:50
Thread cleaned. Stay on topic.

2015-06-18, 20:30
Fixed Deployable Firebase Foundation being shiny on certain maps.

How dare you remove our 24k golden FOBs?

2015-06-30, 17:01
Guys How To Fix Error 1301 i always get this error

2015-08-20, 04:38
Any news regarding that major v1.4 update?