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2014-12-08, 21:10

Hello PRT Community!

The third C10 battle is behind us, and after fierce fighting in Muttrah City, PAC took the lead again. EMF countered PAC deployment but was later-on pushed back by an inferno of Hellfires, Mortar shells and AAVP Grenades.

The in-game end score was PAC 275 - 0 EMF. Congratulations to PAC!
Check out the board (http://tournament.realitymod.com/index.php?page=status) for current standings. EMF has the initiative on the next move. Read below to see their map choice.

We hope you all had fun in preparing and executing the battle plans. Don't forget to share your experience on (tournament.)realitymod.com and any PR-community website to advertise this tournament!



This time it was up to EMF to choose the next move on the board.
They choose Kozelsk AAS Inf. You can also see this on the interactive mapboard (http://tournament.realitymod.com/index.php?page=status) and see what this means for the future of the campaign.

Date: 10th of January 2015 - Read below for Christmas Break!
Time: Battle start: 19:00PRT
Server: Announced 18:15PRT
Map: Kozelsk AAS Infantry
Teams: Militia: PAC | Russian Forces: EMF
No-Go Zone Rules: Click Here (http://tournament.realitymod.com/showthread.php?p=324899#f24)
Sign-Up: C10 Board Battle 4 - Kozelsk (http://tournament.realitymod.com/index.php?page=eventview)


For the first time - EMF will play the conventional force on a map! PAC will play Militia, EMF will play Russian Forces.


There will be a Christmas Break spanning from December 21 - January 04. The next battle is being played on January 10 (see above). During the break, both teams can train, restructure and discuss the next battle. The PRT Administration team will be hosting a series of Events - one of them being a public server event open for all, dedicated to recruiting new members and having a good time.

Date: 20th of January 2015 -
Time: 19:00 PRT
Server: PRT Battle Server #1 (renamed)
Map: TBA - Maplist in Agreement with both teams & admins
Teams: Mixed teams, open for all. Administration by [T-ADM]
Rules: TBA - probably [NEW] ruleset (http://newcommunity.eu/forum/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=4) PRT players: Join with your tags!
Sign-Up: Sign in here. (http://tournament.realitymod.com/index.php?page=eventview) Show up in high numbers! Tell your friends to come! Invite public players to your squad. Get to know the players of the opposing team.

The Admin team is also spreading the word, with our Signature Contest - The winners have been posted on realitymod.com! - We also made a little teaser (credits to [T-ADM]Colonelbruno!). Please beare in mind that it is your responsibility to recruit as many players as possible and give the new signups a warm welcome to your team. Get those propaganda machines rolling again! Click here ( https://www.realitymod.com/forum/f75-pr-bf2-clans/132302-official-project-reality-tournament-teams.html#post2045678) for the realitymod.com recruitment thread that we just created! Please comment, show your own signatures, share propaganda and encourage others to join You can also share this teaser trailer (or just make your own!):



During the christmas break, the PRT Team will run the 'PR Tournament Winter Games' - a series of challenges open for all members in different disciplines: Techie race driving, Huey crate dropping, races and more! Depending on the challenge, you should practice them, they are hard to master. The winners will get awesome ribbons!

Check this thread (http://tournament.realitymod.com/showthread.php?p=331557#post331557) for detailed information on dates, challenges and requirements


Quick Links
PR Tournament Website (http://tournament.realitymod.com)
How-To Sign-Up (http://tournament.realitymod.com/showthread.php?t=31933)
Tournament FAQ (http://tournament.realitymod.com/index.php?page=faq)
Tournament Rules (http://tournament.realitymod.com/showthread.php?t=31948)
Battle & Practice Schedule (http://tournament.realitymod.com/showthread.php?t=31834)

IRC: server: irc.quakenet.org | channel: prtournament (autoconnect (http://webchat.quakenet.org/?channels=prtournament))

Teamspeak3: server: (autoconnect) (ts3server://

Follow us on Facebook & Twitter to get the latest information on the tournament. Know exactly when the sign ups are announced and be always updated on the battle cycles.

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