View Full Version : Which core does BF2 use?

2014-11-12, 16:32
I have an Phenom II X3 and wanted to overclock for BF2. Which core does BF2 use? I assume its 0 with core 0, 1 and 2 but just wanted to be sure.

Also does it make sense to overclock only the core BF2 actually uses, or does it cause problems or will yield no benefit?

2014-11-12, 17:40
From my knowledge you can't overclock on a per-core basis, but this is from knowledge that I garnered 5+ years ago.

You either increase the FSB or the Mutliplier of the FSB, and neither of those is configured on a per-core basis. (from what I know)

2014-11-12, 17:50
AMD overdrive is giving the the option to overclock on an per core basis. I guess it is because it is the black edition and the multipliers of the cores are unlocked.

So how do I find out which core PR is using?

2014-11-12, 19:18
It doesn't work.

What does sorta work, is the bitsum processlasso "gaming mode".
download either 32 or 64 bit depending if you have 32 or 64 bit OS.
set to run at startup.

run PR, join online server,
alt tab out
open processlasso from taskbar
Reclick each prlauncher.exe prbf2.exe and Prmumble.exe and select "Classify as game or multimedia process".

It automates everything you want to do in this line of thought.