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2014-11-10, 21:10

Hello PRT Community!

The first real C10 battle is behind us, and EMF took the victory after a long battle in the forests of Ia Drang. After 2 victories by PAC during the preperation battles EMF takes home the first victory of the campaign.

The in-game end score was PAC 0 - 42 EMF. Congratulations EMF!
Check out the board (http://tournament.realitymod.com/index.php?page=status) for current standings. EMF has the initative for the next move!

The admin team is very pleased with the overall balance of the tournament (130-0 (Jabal) | 75-0 (Beirut) | 42-0 (Ia Drang)) so far. Battles are long and fighting is fierce but fair. We hope you are all having a blast in this campaign and we hope to continue this line of good games. Don't forget to share your experience on (tournament.)realitymod.com and any PR-community website to advertise this tournament!



Signups for team membership are still open! Both teams are in the need for some fresh blood. It's up to the teams to advertise this tournament as much as they can. The ideal way to do this is to play in public with your tags, and invite people from your squad to the tournament. Rest assured they won't be reserves for long as teams are in need of active players!



If you are not sure - here are three statements from Tournament Members:

Originally Posted by [PR]PAC|Chip0
The PR Tournament C10 is the most challenging and rewarding experience that a PR player can do today. The battles are fought and balanced and both teams are aggressive and talented. I'm a very proud PAC soldier. After two narrow wins in prep-battles, we lost the first battle of the tournament, in the jungle of Ia Drang, but I'm sure that we'll strike back stronger than ever. My squad is Fox (Recon); it's a great squad, with outstanding leaders and players; we're having great fun playing together in the tourney and pubbing too.

Originally Posted by [PR]EMF|Aleon
I have been playing PR for a while now, but never really became part of the community. The first month of PRT was really exciting, I've never imagined the community is so vibrant and organized. It was quite a surprise to see how many people know each other.

As far as playing in the tournament goes, we obviously had a rough start (loosing all our training-, and prep-battles). Preparing for Ia Drang was kinda stressful, but really fun as well. I don't think planning was ever so exciting. The officers worked hard, the grunts trained hard, and with a bucket of luck we managed to actually win our first battle in the tournament. It's an awesome feeling to have all our work put in yield result. You bet we're all looking forward to our next fight.

Originally Posted by [PR]PAC|Finrar
its pretty fun.
games are good, teams are good, tournament is good
( relevant: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qvOmFFu830Q )

Admin signups are also open. Post a support ticket (http://tournament.realitymod.com/showthread.php?t=31899) with your application if you are interested in helping out!


This time it was up to EMF to choose the next move on the board.
They choose Operation Marlin AAS STD. You can also see this on the interactive mapboard (http://tournament.realitymod.com/index.php?page=status) and see what this means for the future of the campaign.

Date: 22th of November 2014
Time: Battle start: 19:00PRT
Server: Announced 18:15PRT
Map: Operation Marlin AAS STD
Teams: FR: PAC | MEC: EMF
No-Go Zone Rules: Click Here (http://tournament.realitymod.com/showthread.php?p=324899#f4)
Sign-Up: C10 Board Battle 2 - Marlin (http://tournament.realitymod.com/index.php?page=eventview)



With the kick-off of the campaign last saturday, the media war has also started! Send out your internet armies, create videos, reports and photographs. Follow your team's latest news, posters and media here: (click the images)

http://fc02.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2014/314/a/c/forumheaderb_ss_by_elfoglalt-d85z2gh.png (https://www.realitymod.com/forum/f112-pr-bf2-tales-front/131971-eastern-military-federation-ministry-public-enlightment.html)

http://i.imgur.com/ePN8jdI.png (https://www.realitymod.com/forum/f112-pr-bf2-tales-front/131916-pan-atlantic-coalition-office-public-affairs.html)

Want to join the Tournament? Make up your mind now and enlist! (http://tournament.realitymod.com/showthread.php?t=32731)


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