View Full Version : Brief internet disruptions cause disconnect

2014-09-08, 21:09
Hey guys as a precursor to this I'll say that I did search for a problem like this already and I found this thread, https://www.realitymod.com/forum/f355-overclocking-networking/95613-internet-cuts-out-every-few-minutes.html , though my problem is different in that this isn't a constant problem, some days it's fine, some days it happens twice in the course of a couple hours. But basically, I'll be playing just fine with good ping and then out of nowhere I get the connection issues white text and shortly I am disconnected from the server. Then when I go to my taskbar (windows 7) it shows the connection bars empty with a yellow star and when I click on it at first, for a couple seconds my internet doesn't show up, then it shows up and reconnects immediately, just fine like before. I just updated my firmware on my AirPort Extreme and I thought it would solve the problem, any other ideas. (I connect over wifi, not by cord. And I use a dell laptop for gaming)

2014-09-09, 01:16
More often than not it's a driver issue for your WiFi card.

Search out your exact Dell laptop model and "Wifi disconnect" on google and you might find an answer or a newer OR older WiFi driver that doesn't cause this problem.